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Anime that does not originate in Japan is extremely unusual in terms of gaining widespread international popularity. Scissor Seven, a Chinese anime series, shattered this preconceived notion. The series provides a funny yet, at the same time, a well-plotted twisted experience that is both entertaining and educational. The anime was broadcast on Bilibili, a Chinese network that is only available in certain regions. Netflix later purchased the rights to distribute the film on their network.

‘Killer Seven’ is another name for this group of assassins. Because the episodes are only 15 minutes long, it’s a good anime to watch in one sitting. The animation, as well as the character design, are both excellent. In this anime, the fight sequences demonstrate the enormous amount of effort that the creators have put into the plot, execution, and production of this anime.

He Xiaofen was in charge of the design and direction of the animation. The first season was released in 2018, and a second season was released in 2020, both of which were released within months of each other. This was the first Chinese animated film to be nominated for an award at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, which took place in August 2018.

Furthermore, the anime has a worldwide following, which is unusual for an anime produced in a country other than Japan. Scissor Seven, a superbly designed and animated anime series, is a good example of this. Because of the show’s worldwide popularity in Season 2, fans are eagerly awaiting Netflix’s decision on whether or not to renew its license for the release of Season 3.

Overview of Scissors Number Seven

Action and supernatural powers combine in Scissor Seven to create a wonderful blend of comedy and action. The plot revolves around Seven, who works as a barber during the day and as an assassin at night. He is currently 21 years old, however, he lost his memories when he was 19 years old. Before his memory loss, Seven was a deadly assassin who possessed incredible strength. He had also mastered the thousand demon daggers, a deadly blade that he used to defend himself.

Seven has become a goofy bayadere character as a result of his memory loss, and he is unable to perform his assignments. As Seven trains to become an assassin again from the ground up, the plot follows him through a series of amusing encounters. Scissor Seven is a collection of gags in which Seven’s inadequacy at his profession is highlighted in various ways. He used to be a professional assassin, which makes this situation all the more ironic. Eventually, Seven comes across Thirteen, another assassin with whom he frequently flirts despite her persistent rejection and dislikes for him.

Scissor Seven Season 3  scene

The characters are developed through the use of rib-tickling humor in the show. As the plot progresses, the show gradually delves into the realms of justice and secret identities. Seven demonstrates a strong sense of justice when he understands that he does not prefer to kill people. To uncover the truth about his history, he ends up concentrating even more on becoming a member of the Killer League.

Season 2 concludes with Seven having reclaimed some of his memories, which he had previously lost. However, there is still a lot that hasn’t been disclosed, which leaves a lot of room for a compelling plot in season 3.

The Release Date for Scissor Seven: Season 3 Has Been Set.

Scissor’s third season premiered on Tencent Video in China on January 21, 2021, and is currently available there. We anticipate that Scissor Seven Season 3 will be available on Netflix sometime in mid-2021; this is because it takes a few months for the English-language version to be released in western media, such as Netflix. We’ll keep you informed as events unfold.

Soon after the conclusion of season 2, the anime announced that it would be returning for a third season. The Chinese dub version of the film was released on Bilibili on January 21, 2021. Following that, five episodes of the anime were made available for viewing. The episodes with English subtitles are not available for purchase or download outside of China on the official website.

So far, Netflix has not stated if they are interested in or disinterested in publishing the third season of this world-record-breaking anime series. However, given the huge amount of fan pressure, it appears as though Netflix may be forced to release an update shortly.

The episodes, which were not accompanied by subtitles, have been leaked onto various unauthorized websites. However, we strongly advise that you only watch anime on legitimate websites and networks to support the creators and show your appreciation for their work.

Scissor Seven is more than just a piece of comedic entertainment. It’s an action series with a healthy dose of romance between the ages of seven and thirteen. The anime features some amazing character development while also maintaining the mystery and thrills that the audience has come to expect. This is just the beginning of a long list of genres. Scissor Seven also has a strong mystical element to it, particularly in the characters. For example, 7’s ability to operate scissors with his thoughts is impressive. Not to mention that Scissor Seven is decorated with numerous famous elements. 7’s eyes glowing crimson when he becomes serious is one of the details that fans most enjoy

Scissor Seven Season 3 .

In the upcoming season, we will learn more about 7’s history as he goes on his quest to be recruited into the Killer League. A slew of fresh gags are on their way to the show, and they will provide the audience with an intense yet entertaining viewing experience. The trailer appears to be promising as well. It appears as though a large number of prominent characters will appear in this season’s episodes.

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