Servant Season 3 Episode 8 Release Date: What We Know So Far About This Series!

In Servant Season 3 Episode 8, it appears that Dorothy and the Turners will be confronted with a significant challenge. Her opponent Isabelle is wary of the Turners and Jericho’s mysterious return from the grave, and she is right to be. As a result, she intends to investigate Dorothy’s background. Consequently, continue reading to get all of the pertinent information concerning the seventh episode.

What Will Happen in Servant Season 3 Episode 8 Preview: What Will Happen?

“Donut” is the title of the eighth episode of Servant Season 3’s eighth episode. The difficulties emanating from the Tuner House are certain to worsen in the forthcoming installment. They already have too much on their plates with the cult’s presence on their property, Jericho’s mysterious reappearance, and the state of Leanne and Dorothy’s health. Dorothy and the Turners, on the other hand, will be confronted with a new challenge in the form of her competitor Isabelle, who has begun to delve deeper into Dorothy’s background. In Servant Season 3 Episode 8, the Turners will have to intervene to prevent Isabelle from wreaking further havoc on the household.

A Quick Recap of What Has Happened!

Sean’s promotion of Gourmet Gauntlet in the previous episode had a lasting impression on Dorothy and Leanne. Jericho went for a walk with Leanne, while Dorothy reprimanded Julian for having an affair with Leanne. In response, Julian told her that it was an isolated incident and that it would not happen again.

Furthermore, Dorothy informed him of Leanne’s assault on his property. She also informed Sean that she had no recollection of his ever appearing on the show. When Dorothy claimed she was losing her mind, Julian attempted to cover up her actions by claiming she was under a lot of stress. Dorothy, on the other hand, was under the impression that she was suffering from postpartum depression.

Leanne was approached by a group of homeless people at the park in Servant Season 3 Episode 7 when she was filming the episode Their gift to her was a necklace, and they informed her that Jericho had been born as a miracle

Servant Season 3 Episode 8 scene

. They were well aware that Leanne had successfully transported Jericho’s spirit to his earthly body on her own. Dorothy was in a state of panic after witnessing the entire occurrence from the window of her car as she raced to pick up her child. After May Markham forbade Leanne from coming to the park, Leanne contrasted Dorothy’s need for control to that of May Markham.

Dorothy Tries Everything She Can Get Rid of Leanne Once and for All, but Jericho Disappears.

When Dorothy went upstairs to make dinner, Sean ignored her rising concern for Jericho’s well-being as he cooked dinner. Leanne told Sean that the homeless man almost admired her for her ability to flee the Cult of the Church of the Lesser Saints. “He almost worshipped me,” Leanne said. Dorothy persuaded Leanne to sign up for a two-month dance class in New Jersey to get her out of the house. Sean, on the other hand, was displeased with Dorothy for not consulting him before making a decision. Since Jericho’s untimely death last summer, Dorothy has accused Sean of gaslighting her, which has shown to be true.

During the following morning’s meeting with Dorothy, Julian informed her that she had made a tremendous mistake by sending Leanne away. Dorothy, on the other hand, dismissed his views as “the way it should be.” But just as Leanne was about to leave, Dorothy shrieked as she realized that Jericho had been replaced by a reborn doll. While searching for Jericho, everyone could hear cries coming from different parts of the home. He used Veera’s background against her, which caused her to end her relationship with Julian.

Sean bowed his head and prayed to God with the lifelike doll in his arms. The fact that Leanne’s departure was connected to Jericho’s disappearance was not lost on him. Dorothy confronted Leanne and demanded that she tell her where Jericho had gone missing. As a response, Leanne stated that Jericho had been in the nursery the entire time.

As soon as Dorothy discovered Jericho, she burst into tears, and Sean consoled her. He informed Dorothy that Leanne had to stay because he didn’t want to lose his son to another relationship.

Servant Season 3 Episode 8 scene

Sean was notified by Dorothy that a scheme had been put in motion. He, on the other hand, turned his back on Dorothy and apologized to Leanne. She complimented Dorothy for her efforts in persuading Leanne to try something new. In Servant Season 3 Episode 7, Leanne, on the other hand, stated that she could not leave Jericho because anything may happen to him while she was gone.

Date of Broadcast for Servant Season 3 Episode 8

The eighth episode of Servant Season 3 will be released on Apple TV on March 11, 2022. Every Friday at midnight. ET, a new episode of the show is released on the streaming site. Furthermore, the current season will consist of a total of ten episodes, which will be available exclusively on Apple TV+ for the first time. So make sure to watch the eighth episode and return for more interesting episodes in the future.

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