Station Eleven Season 1 Episode 8: “Who’s There?” Recap Check Here!

“Who’s There?” is the eighth episode of Season One of Station Eleven. Teresa McCraw’s 4 Weeks Ago Recap

Kirsten reconciles with her past while on a subconscious journey after being hit by a toxic dart in Station Eleven Season 1 Episode 7. Kirsten’s older self consoled her younger self as she navigated the first few months after the global flu pandemic. We were able to witness firsthand the wonderful bond she had formed with Jeevan and his brother Frank.

The Chadhuray brothers are a huge part of Kirsten’s anguish and loss, thus these recollections were vital to her story. In Episode 8 of Season 1 of Station Eleven, Kirsten awakens from a coma after being brought back to health by Tyler aka The Prophet. It’s strange because the idea was for her to save The Prophet so that she could save her crew, but it’s The Prophet who saves her in the end.

The Prophet and his companions arrive at Severn City Airport, which houses the infamous Museum of Civilization. Nothing has changed at the airport except the year. At the airport, Clark, Miles, and the lovely Elizabeth, all wearing realistic aging makeup, are still in charge. Miles, who is still conducting security at the airport, spots Kirsten and Tyler prowling near the perimeter. They claim to be members of the Traveling Symphony’s acting company.

station eleven season 1 episode 8

Tyler notes how much has changed as Miles pulls them through the airport on his way to Clark. Because the entire airport has electricity, Miles was successful in installing the solar panels. Seven City Airport is a haven in comparison to the rest of the globe. They have a Karaoke machine, running water, and support groups. By acting out a scenario from Station Eleven, Kirsten and Tyler pass Clark’s scent test.

The Prophet’s warnings about the location fuel Kirsten’s anxiety and need for control, and she tries to persuade the team that they are being held prisoner by Sarah and the Museum of Civilization. Tyler and Kirsten work together to gather information by sneaking via the airport’s air ducts and jetways.

Kirsten locates Sarah in the medical institution and pledges to bring her out safely, but Sarah manages to inform Kirsten that she is not in a fit state to travel. Tyler bares his soul to Kirsten at the airfield and tells her about the slaughter he witnessed as a boy at the airport. Kirsten says that she is aware of his true identity.

Tyler persuades Kirsten to return to her crew and sets out to destroy the Museum of Civilization, a memorial built to memorialize the passengers of the flight that was denied access to the airport during the flu pandemic. Tyler recalls the day he attempted to assist one of the survivors, but the man was shot and killed right in front of him. Tyler’s deed of revenge in setting fire to the monument and museum was a crock of bull.

station eleven season 1 episode 8
The Museum of Civilization was more than a hobby for Clark; it was a monument to the “before the world.” Clark is completely enamored with the museum, and he is willing to put his life on the line to save it. Elizabeth’s suspicions have been validated, and she now knows Tyler is her son. The show flashes back three weeks before the breakout of the virus.

Clark and Arthur Leander reconcile, but their bond isn’t as strong as it once was. The two friends’ animosity is palpable, and it’s evident that they’re adversaries. Arthur, the legendary movie star turned theatre God, sits atop his throne, criticizing Clark for selling out and taking a job as a CEO, as though Clark’s failure in the entertainment industry was his fault.

Clark is mocked by Arthur for losing his enthusiasm for making art for the sake of creating. Arthur was a jerk of a pal. Despite the knowledge that Clark is sober, he proposes they celebrate in the pub, and he conveniently forgets Clark’s boyfriend’s name. Clark and Arthur’s fights are nasty because they know how to set off one other’s most sensitive buttons.

Clark was able to recover his love for the arts after the end of the world. The art on display at the Museum of Civilization was art that truly mattered. It was the harshest punishment ever to have it taken away in flames. Is it a coincidence that it was Arthur Leander’s son who snatched it from him? Tyler takes Kirsten to see Sarah after a touching reconciliation with Elizabeth. Sarah is in really horrible shape. Fortunately, Kirsten has the opportunity to say goodbye to the lady who rescued her life and gave her meaning twenty years ago.


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