Oval Season 3 Episode 12 Release Date: Cast, Plot, Genre, & Spoilers!

The Oval Season 3 Episode 12 could feature the revelation of Hunter and Victoria’s crimes. They’ve been committing them with a sense of self-assurance and arrogance for days now. However, Vice President Biden is someone who will not back down and loves his nation above all else. To this end, he feels the country must be informed of the reality. Vice President Eli decided to confront them privately in this regard, but the outcome was not what he had hoped for. As a result, he had to resort to some extreme tactics.

Meanwhile, we can be certain that Victoria and Hunter will be deeply affected by the information that will be made in this episode. Eli isn’t the only threat they face at this time. Until Lily is ready to speak to Donald, he is working with Bobby and Max. The same goes for Priscillia, who understands how things work and is just as irritated like everyone else. On his side, Allan also wants vengeance on Ellie. So if Eli comes out, Hunter and Victoria could have to take on more than they asked for. Take a look at how their conversation went before that.

A Recap of the Eleventh Episode of Season Three of the Oval

We began our time in The Oval with Vice President Eli and President and First Lady Obama talking. When Eli found out what they’d been up to, he confronted them. Eli’s fight with Hunter and Victoria backfired when they warned him of the damage they may inflict on him. Seeing this made him back away from the situation, which made him reconsider. Despite this, he was adamant in his desire to expose them. This is something for which both Victoria and Hunter must be prepared.

Lily’s whereabouts are a concern for Max and Bobby. Bobby, on the other hand, wants Lily to join him and stand by him, as Eli does. They require her because she is valuable. There’s a good chance Sam may help Eli out while they’re waiting for them. Similarly, Eli calls his wife to invite her to join him in the White House.

Oval Season 3 Episode 12 scene

Despite all of this, Lily has yet to speak out despite Kyle’s constant torment. Allan’s desire to avenge the President and First Lady is boiling over. The same may be said for Priscillia, who learned about Sam’s treatment of Jean in the previous episode. In addition, he revealed how a member of his family has been hiding these facts for some time.

Before Eli’s wife could reach Eli, she ran into Victoria. She confronted her at first, but when she learned the truth, she had no idea why she was here. On her own, Victoria took her out to lunch. Sam met with Eli and confirmed the alliance while he was at it. Eli wanted it to be for his children, but Sam provided better security. During this time, Sam met Donald and confronted him about Agent Kyle bringing a lady to meet the President. Max and Bobby went to great lengths to rescue Lily from Kyle, despite Donald’s reluctance.

Release Date and Spoilers for the Oval Season 3 Episode 12

A new episode of The Oval for Season 3 will air on January 11th, 2022. According to the book’s title, it’s “The Dutiful Wife”. According to the episode’s official summary, Vice President Biden calls the media and tells them the truth. The only thing Victoria and Hunter could do at this point was to watch as the President and First Lady were blamed for every White House tragedy. Even though a trailer from the previous episode shows Victoria confronting Eli’s wife, it doesn’t appear to be working out.

Oval Season 3 Episode 12 scene

Time and Location for the Oval Season 3 Episode 12 Premiere and Streaming Information

The Oval Season 3 Episode 12 will show on Bet at 9 p.m. ET in the United States only on Wednesday, September 12. The Oval Season 3 will consist of 8-9 episodes, so expect a new episode every Tuesday following the thirteenth episode for the remainder of the season. You can also watch The Oval Season 3 Episode 12 on Bet’s official streaming service Bet+, which is available in the United Kingdom. Google Play Movies, Amazon Prime Video, and VUDU are examples of video-on-demand services. The Oval Season 3 Episode 12 may also be available for purchase and rental through iTunes, Microsoft, and TV, as well as YouTube TV.

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