Alrawabi School for Girls Seasons 2 Release Date: Why Netflix Series Is Unlikely to Return

While Netflix is best known for American shows like Stranger Things, Outer Banks, and The Umbrella Academy, the streaming site is also gaining a reputation for producing must-see international shows and films.

AlRawabi School for Girls, an Arabic Mean Girls-inspired sitcom set in Jordan, is one of Netflix’s newest additions in this genre.

However, since its release, Netflix subscribers have been wondering if AlRawabi School for Girls will return for a second season.

Release Date and Plot for Alrawabi School for Girls

On Thursday, August 12th, 2021, Netflix released AlRawabi School for Girls.

The six-episode series, directed by Tima Shomali, covers the experiences of students at the elite AlRawabi School for Girls, with a focus on Mariam, who is tormented by the school’s bullies.

Mariam and the group plot their vengeance on their tormentors with the help of other school outcasts, throwing the school into turmoil.

Are the Alrawabi School for Girls Coming Back for Season 2?

  • There are no plans for AlRawabi School for Girls to return to Netflix for a second season at this time.

That’s because the Jordan-produced drama is a limited miniseries, which means it only has one season.

The Queen’s Gambit, Unbelievable, and Wild Wild Country, all of which had only one season, are examples of this on Netflix.

If AlRawabi School for Girls proves popular enough, there is precedent for the series to be renewed for further seasons, as Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, The Sinner and HBO’s Big Little Lies are just a few instances of series that have been renewed for more seasons despite their original miniseries ambitions.

It remains to be seen whether this holds for AlRawabi School for Girls.

More Is Desired by the Fans

Even though AlRawabi School for Girls is a limited series, its supporters have been vociferous in their support.

And, in the wake of episode 6’s shocking climax, many fans have flocked to social media to demand more.

“I need a season 2 of alrawabi school for girls,” one Twitter user commented.

“Alrawabi school for girls is simply a spectacle where all the things we imagined should have happened, happen,” one person stated. So please tell me there’s a second season.”

“Just completed Alrawabischoolforgirls on @netflix, such a show!” this fan concluded. Please make a second season!

AlRawabi School for Girls is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on August 12th, 2021.


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