Hanna Season 4 Release Date: Is This Getting Renewal By Makers This Year!

As Hanna’s journey comes to an end in season three, so too does the series as a whole. Can Amazon Prime’s worldwide action series Hanna return for a fourth season in the future? Hanna is based on the 2011 Joe Wright-directed feature picture starring Saoirse Ronan, which Farr also co-wrote and directed. Season 1 of Hanna aired on Amazon Prime Video in March of this year, and season 2 will debut in July of the following year. Amazon cancelled the series Hanna, starring Esme Creed-Miles as the title character, before its November 24, 2021 premiere date.

A Brief look at the 3 Seasons

A re-telling of the 2011 Hanna film’s tale was the beginning of season one, but by the end of the season, the series had completely explored Hanna’s genesis story. UTRAX, a covert CIA experiment that breeds female super soldiers, was only successful because Hanna, the only survivor of the first generation, was raised in the wilderness by her father, former CIA operative Erik Heller (Joel Kinnaman) (Mireille Enos). Clara (Yasmin Monet Prince), Sandy (ine Rose Daly), and Jules (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) were introduced in season two of Hanna as UTRAX agents (Gianna Kiehl). Hanna and Marissa teamed up to take down UTRAX before the end of Hanna season 2. Hanna season 3 included a showdown with the Chairman (Ray Liotta), the mastermind behind UTRAX.


Season 3 of Hanna will only have six episodes, as opposed to the eight in seasons 1 and 2’s order of airing. As a result, the story of Hanna confronting her creators and earning the right to determine her own destiny reaches a definite climax in a no-nonsense, forceful third act. Even though Hanna’s narrative has ended, here are the reasons why and if the Amazon Prime Video series can ever be revived.

Its Time To Say Goodbye To Hanna

According to screen rant there is “no more plot” to tell in the third season of Hanna. In spite of the fact that the characters may go on, Farr decided to focus on Hanna’s development into an adult. Season 1 of Hanna focused on Hanna as a young woman discovering her place in the world. Season 2 of Hanna saw the young heroine encounter others like her and battle against the fate UTRAX had prepared for her… During the third season, Hanna finally encounters the man responsible for her creation and has the opportunity to make important life decisions. Hanna’s tale has always had a three-act structure, and season 3 was always the intended finale.

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What Are the Chances That Hanna Will Appear in Season 4?

Screen Rant spoke with showrunner David Farr, who said that Hanna season 4 might happen if he determines there’s a fresh tale to tell about the titular heroine. While most adult characters in Hanna season 3 meet their demise, Hanna herself is forced to begin a new life in a whole new location after the season 3 finale. But Farr hinted that Hanna may return for season four. Amazon Prime Video is likely to create a fourth season of Hanna if Farr decides to develop a new story around Hanna.

Season 4 of Hanna: What Could It Be About?

Season 3 of Hanna ends with UTRAX gone, and Hanna embarks on a new adventure in the United States. If Hanna ever makes a comeback in season 4, it’s probable that she’ll be an adult. It’s possible that Hanna may be drawn back into the life of a super-soldier and confront a new group of adversaries because of the CIA’s constant surveillance on her activities. Then there was the fact that many of Hanna’s fellow UTRAX grads were left to their own devices.

For all we know, Hanna may come face-to-face with some members of her “family,” particularly those who were unable to adapt to a regular existence outside of their role as government assassins. Regardless of whether or not Hanna returns for a fourth season, the three seasons of Hanna on Amazon Prime Video tell a near-perfect, self-contained tale of Hanna coming of age and battling for the freedom to live her life the way she desires.

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