Metal Gear Solid 6 – All Rumors And Updates

Despite the fact that there has been no official announcement for Metal Gear Solid 6, we can’t help but question how probable it is that we will see another edition in the series. Obviously, since the publication of Metal Gear Solid 5, series creator Hideo Kojima has quit and established his own firm, Kojima Productions, with the developer’s debut title, Death Stranding, scheduled for release in late 2019.

Metal Gear Solid 6

We haven’t heard anything about Metal Gear Solid 6 yet, but Kojima was said to be consulting on a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake back in October of last year, so we might be getting closer.

While a Metal Gear Solid 6 may be a release that we can only dream about at this point, we’ve compiled a list of everything we’d like to see from a prospective sequel to the series.

Don’t Expect Metal Gear Solid 6 Anytime Soon

Announcing internal reorganization efforts prior to the release of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain (MGS5) in September 2015, publisher Konami stated that the game would be delayed. At that point, the Kojima Productions emblem was removed from the official Konami website and all promotional material for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Kojima left the company not long after the game’s release date.

The only information available to the public about this dispute is an internal report published by GameSpot and a report by Nikkei Asian Review, which notes that, according to former Konami employees, the company barred ex-Metal Gear team members from using their experience with Konami on their CVs after they left the company.

Metal Gear Solid 6

We could easily conclude that Kojima and Konami did not part ways amicably, but if the reports of Kojima Productions’ involvement with the upcoming Silent Hills reboot for the PlayStation 5 are true, it is possible that both parties are on their way to rekindling their working relationship once again.

As Konami is the sole owner of both Silent Hills and Metal Gear, Kojima is now the only way he can work on both projects at the same time. While Sony is rumored to be interested in purchasing both from the publisher, it’s unlikely that Konami would part with its most successful titles, especially given the upcoming relaunch of the Final Fantasy series.

Metal Gear Solid 6 – if and when it happens – will almost certainly be led by Konami, although there is presently no information on when, or even if, the firm plans to return to the franchise.

Final Words

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