Mass Effect 5 – All We Know About The New Mass Effect Game!

A new Mass Effect game is currently in development at BioWare, and everyone who is excited about it is referring to it as Mass Effect 5 – despite the fact that it is not the fifth installment in the series in the traditional sense. Based on what we’ve seen so far of the game, it appears that we’ll be reuniting with the Normandy crew and continuing the story of Commander Shepard’s original team of soldiers.

Mass Effect 5

However, BioWare is still keeping a lot of information regarding the next installment in the space-faring genre under wraps, with the latest speculations claiming that Mass Effect 5 development will not begin in full until 2023 at the earliest.

We now have some information to work with, thanks to the announcement video and the very first image that was provided on N7’s website. As a temporary measure, until we receive additional information from EA or BioWare, we’ve compiled every piece of Mass Effect-related material into a single location so that you may thoroughly peruse it and become fully enthusiastic about our forthcoming return to the beloved franchise.

Any updates on Mass Effect 5?

This new Mass Effect poster, which was revealed as part of N7 Day 2021, teases the upcoming game. Not only does the crater look eerily similar to a Geth helmet, but if you zoom in on those teeny-tiny space folks, one of them appears to be wearing Krogan armor.

Mass Effect 5

However, BioWare GM Gary McKay revealed in a post on the BioWare blog in January 2022 that the poster contains “a handful of hidden treats,” including “at least five surprises, all of which point to an amazing future in the Mass Effect universe,” and that the poster contains “a handful of hidden treats.”

For the most part, McKay doesn’t go into specifics about any of these, but he does mention that he’s been witnessing “some incredible work from both teams” referring to the Mass Effect and Dragon Age development teams, respectively. It appears like we’ll have to wait a little longer for additional information on the project.

Mass Effect 5 Trailer

In conjunction with The Game Awards 2020, BioWare released the very first teaser trailer for the upcoming Mass Effect game… and oh Liara T’Soni, was that a beautiful trailer! Because it was only a little more than two minutes long, fans were eager to dissect every second of the footage revealed in order to figure out what it might imply for the future of the series.

Mass Effect fans exploded in excitement when BioWare project director Michael Gamble announced on Twitter that there was “there’s a lot to unpack” and the Mass Effect community responded with a slew of interesting theories and views about what the teaser might be hinting at.

Who’s Behind Mass Effect 5?

BioWare’s “veteran team” is working on the next installment of the Mass Effect series. With a tweet sent out shortly after the publication of the teaser video, BioWare project director Michael Gamble listed some of the names that would be returning to assist in the creation of the next chapter in the franchise.

Just to name a few additions, Dusty Everman has returned to the development team in the role of principal story designer. Gamble writes that Everman was a crucial contribution when it came to bringing the Normandy ship to life and that he had previously worked as a top-level designer at BioWare before joining the team.

As well as longstanding BioWare programmer and technical designer Brenon Holmes and original Mass Effect art director Derek Watts, Parrish Ley, who previously served as a cinematic director for the Mass Effect Trilogy, will be returning to lend “his vision” to the new adventure as well.

Mass Effect 5 Release Date

It goes without saying that the question we all want an answer to is “when can we expect to see the next Mass Effect adventure arrive?” After all, given the fact that BioWare is still in the early phases of production, we are unlikely to see an official release date for quite some time. One thing we can be certain of is that it will be released on the Xbox One X and PlayStation 5; just the prospect of knowing that a new-generation Mass Effect game is in the works is thrilling, to say the very least.

Mass Effect 5

According to a blog post on the official BioWare website, the team is “looking forward to sharing our vision for where we’ll be going next.” While we are unlikely to see any major updates about the next game in the near future, we will surely be keeping a lookout for any fresh information on Mass Effect 5’s development in the future when it becomes available.

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