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Marvel’s Wolverine – Everything We Know So Far

Marvel’s Wolverine is officially in development at Insomniac Games, the studio that brought you Marvel’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, among other critically praised titles.

Marvel’s Wolverine, which was announced during Sony’s PlayStation Showcase 2021, would be a standalone PS5 exclusive game that will center on the grizzly mutant James “Logan” Howlett, who wields adamantium claws.

The developer has already stated that its Wolverine game will have a “mature” tone (which the announcement clip surely hints), so we can expect it to be a far bloodier affair than its family-friendly Spider-Man titles – a tone that is appropriate for the popular X-Men hero himself.

Despite the fact that we won’t be able to get our hands on Marvel’s Wolverine for a while, that hasn’t stopped us from making predictions about what we could see in Insomniac’s take on Logan and gathering as much information as we can. Continue reading to find out everything we know about Marvel’s Wolverine so far, as well as what we want to see.


The release date for Marvel’s Wolverine game is currently unknown, and it is probable that we will have to wait quite sometime before we can get our hands on it. We wouldn’t expect to see the game until at least 2023, according to Insomniac Games, who has indicated that the game is in “very early development” This is especially true given that Insomniac Games is now working on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which is set to be released in 2023.

It is expected that Marvel’s Wolverine will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, similar to Spider-Man, which means it will not be available to Xbox Series X/S and PC players.


It was revealed that Marvel’s Wolverine would be released during Sony’s PlayStation Showcase in September 2021, with a small teaser trailer providing us our first glimpse at developer Insomniac Games’ take on Logan. To some extent, yes.

Before switching to a back shot of a man with a cowboy hat and checkered shirt drinking at the bar, the teaser trailer shows a bar that has been completely demolished, with injured people lying on the floor. His knuckles and surrounding area are covered in blood.

In the background, we can see one of the injured men climbing to his feet and retrieving a knife from his pocket. When the bartender notices the assailant, he clenches his fist, causing long mechanical claws to emerge from his hands. It is, in fact, Wolverine.

However, while the trailer does not get a peek at the game’s gameplay or Logan himself, it does serve to establish the tone for Marvel’s Wolverine game, which appears to be a more gory and mature alternative to Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man game. See the trailer below:


Some Easter Eggs appear to have been hidden in the Wolverine announcement trailer, which could provide hints about the game’s story and environment.

First and foremost, the trailer’s environment appears to provide a significant hint as to when and where Marvel’s Wolverine will take place. According to the bar sign and a tourism poster for Madipoor, Logan is drinking in the Princess Bar, which is located in Madripoor (which you may recall from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier).

When Wolverine is on the hunt for a crime boss known as Roche, he stops in at the Princess Bar, according to Marvel Comics Presents Volume 1 #1 (1988). With Roche’s enforcers, who are attempting to collect protection money from the bar’s owner O’Donnell, Wolverine becomes a regular patron of the establishment, which goes by the name “Patch” and even co-owned it for a period of time during the comics.

This establishment functioned as Logan’s “home away from home” for a period of time when the X-Men were dormant. Is it possible that Insomniac Games is implying that this is the time period in which Marvel’s Wolverine will take place? We’ll see if Logan decides to go up against the criminal underworld.

Another probable Easter Egg is the poster for Radio Lowtown 104.8, which may be found here. Despite the fact that Lowtown is a district in Madipoor (and thus Madipoor as a setting appears to be a given), the 104.8 appears to relate to Marvel Earth-1048, Marvel’s Spider-Man universe.

Because this appears to imply that both Insomniac’s Spider-Man games and Wolverine take place in the same universe, it is possible that a Marvel Game Universe is in the works – or at least, that we will see one.

However, the radio station isn’t the only number that looks to be a reference to a certain comic book. There are several others. Wolverine makes an appearance in The Incredible Hulk #18 and the license plate on the bar reads “HLK 181” which appears to be a reference to that issue of the comic book.

Is it possible that the Hulk may make an appearance in Marvel’s Wolverine? Again, we certainly hope that is the case.

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