The Vow Season 2: Updates You Need To Know Today!

On Monday, HBO published the first trailer for the second installment of “The Vow,” which will see Keith Raniere, the leader of the NXIVM cult, appear in court.

According to a statement released on Friday, HBO confirmed that the successful docuseries would be returning for a second season with directors Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer, following the success of the first season.

The discovery comes just days before Raniere is scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 27 on charges of sex trafficking in juveniles, conspiracy, and conspiracy to perform forced labor. He faces a minimum of 15 years in prison and a maximum of life in prison if convicted.

Survivors Sarah Edmondson, Nippy Ames on 'The Vow' Season 2 and Feelings About the NXIVM Case | Entertainment Tonight

It will be revealed in the upcoming episodes that Raniere was convicted on June 19, 2019, and that the show would include additional stories from top members of the NXIVM cult and DOS, a secret master-slave club where women were reportedly subjected to sexual servitude. Several members who still support Raniere can be heard in the teaser, implying that there will be several new interviews in the second season.

The first season ended on a cliffhanger, with a glimpse of Raniere and Nancy Salzman, his fellow convicted NXIVM co-founder, perhaps sitting down for an interview with Noujaim and Amer. The second season continues the cliffhanger.

The final scene had a short shot of someone who appeared to be Salzman under home arrest, complete with an electronic ankle band and her Apple Watch, in the background.

Raniere’s voice can be heard on the other end of the phone, speaking from the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, in a discussion that has been identified as having taken place last month.

In the final remarks of the season, he refers to the docuseries as the “top layer” of the truth and instructs the filmmakers, “So, talk to me,” as he concludes the season.

“The Vow: Part 2” is scheduled to be released in 2021. Take a look at the teaser trailer below.

  • This season of The Vow, HBO’s documentary series on the NXVIM cult, has been renewed for a second season.
  • Part 2 will be “set against the backdrop” of co-founder and leader Keith Raniere’s court trial, according to the synopsis of the film.
  • The interviews with Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere were previewed during the season 1 finale of The Vow.


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For a long time, the United States has been fascinated by cult stories and the explanations of how otherwise decent individuals may become members without realizing it. Recent attention has been focused on the repercussions from Keith Raniere’s NXVIM, an organization that offered self-improvement through a series of pricey courses and retreats until ceasing operations in 2018 following the high-profile arrests of some of its senior leaders.

The DOS, a hidden subsect of NXVIM women in which “masters” branded and tormented a pod of “slaves” at Raniere’s direction, was the central topic of The Vow, a nine-episode HBO docuseries that has proven to be a critical and commercial success. Following this, in a somewhat surprising turn of events, The Vow season 2 is currently in the works.

Although both Raniere and NXVIM’s practices have been the subject of debate since at least 2003, when a Forbes cover story questioned whether the man is known as “Vanguard” and his company had a dark influence over its members, The Vow served as many viewers’ first introduction to NXVIM and DOS, who were previously unknown.

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As a result of the unprecedented access directors, Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer was granted, not only to former members like Sarah Edmondson and Bonnie Piesse but also to a vast archive of video footage from Raniere’s glory days, thanks to the efforts of filmmaker Vicente, the series has garnered widespread attention.

The season 1 finale also teased surprise interviews with the group’s two highest-ranking officials, co-founders Raniere and Nancy Salzman, which were revealed in the next episode.

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