Mandragora – A Beautiful Dark Fantasy RPG That Is Coming To All Platforms!

Mandragora is a story-driven sidescroller action RPG that looks like it was plucked straight from the pages of your favorite fantasy novel, and it will be released on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X | S in 2019.

Publisher Marvelous Europe and developer Primal Game Studio have announced the release of Mandragora, which is preceded by a trailer that sets the tone for the world of Faelduum in a mysterious manner.


While the game takes place in a dark universe with a diverse range of strange NPCs, Primal says players should expect “complex moral dilemmas” as they travel through dungeons, forests, and swamps as well as mountainous terrain and deserts, among other locations.

“Mandragora is a genre-blending mix of everything we love about our favorite games, which made it a challenge to find the right publisher who understands our vision for a title that doesn’t fit into just one box,” Primal Game Studio creative director Istvan Zsuffa said. “That’s why we’re so glad to be working with Marvelous Europe to help bring our game to the players on all their favorite platforms. We’re thankful for all the fan support so far and can’t wait to continue this journey together.” 

On the surface, Mandragora appears to be a straightforward character. The developers, on the other hand, say that players should expect difficult combat challenges that may cause them to “break a controller or two along the way.”

Aside from that, the Witch Lantern, which appears near the end of the trailer and will allow players to rip holes in the fabric of reality, is also included in the game. The Mandragora teaser trailer, which you can watch below, will give you a taste of the adventure that lies ahead.

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Is there a trailer for Mandragora?

Primal has been providing updates on the game via social media for a number of years, so there isn’t much to go on just by looking at the trailer on its own. A brief video from late 2020 gave a sneak peek at the game’s gameplay mechanics.

Players can burn armored enemies to a crisp in a video posted earlier this month, which demonstrates this ability. The release date for Mandragora has not yet been announced, but the game’s Metroidvania and Dark Souls roots will almost certainly give even the most experienced gamers a run for their money when it comes to PC and consoles.

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Mandragora Plot

“Mankind has surrendered the world to the monsters,” according to Primal Game Studio, and as a result, “people hideaway behind walls of bricks and palisades of ignorance, constructed by their leaders,” in Mandragora.


As a part of your quest, you’ll be required to travel through a world in decline, one that is slowly succumbing to the destructive effects of chaos and entropy. Along the way, you’ll have to deal with a variety of enemies, bosses, and other obstacles to overcome, all while keeping track of who is an ally and who isn’t.

Features of Mandragora


In a press release, Marvelous listed some of the features that the game has to offer:

  • Explore a universe of gorgeous paint strokes: Immerse yourself in a rich, dark, painterly 2.5D world as the epic and twisted music composted by Christos Antoniou brings this atmosphere world to life. 
  • Delve into a story-driven dark fantasy adventure: Leave the sanctuary of the Crimson City and travel through a vast, interconnected world that will take you from dark forests to deadly swamps, burning deserts, and more. 
  • Enter the dark realm of entropy: Acquire the legendary Witch Lantern and enter the dark realm of entropy through tears in the fabric of reality. 
  • Encounter horrific monsters and terrifying creatures: Add fallen foes to your bestiary as you battle distinctive enemies and unique, deadly bosses to discover what really lurks in the shadows.
  • Upgrade your toolset: Find artisans to join your growing caravan to unlock new upgrades. Grow herbs to brew beneficial potions and craft powerful weapons, armor, and trinkets to help you along the way. 
  • Play your way: Master the punishing side-scrolling action as one of multiple unique classes and customize your character’s active skills through a deep and rewarding character development system. Complete the game and start anew on countless NG+ difficulty levels. 

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Final Words

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