Lords of the Fallen 2 – It Could Become More Popular Than Dark Souls!

Following the unveiling of a gleaming new logo for Lords of the Fallen 2, CI Games has been talking about its plans for the sequel. The studio explains in a blog post on its website that the scope of the upcoming PC game has “increasingly expanded” over the past few years.

Hexworks is creating something that CI Games believes has a “strong chance” of making the series “more popular among Soulsborne/Souls-like communities and beyond,” according to the company. CI hopes that the upcoming release will contribute to the development of the Lords of the Fallen IP as a “long-running franchise for the company,” alongside tactical shooter Sniper Ghost Warrior.

lords of the fallen 2

Mr. Marek Tymiski, CEO of CI Games, explains that “Lords of the Fallen 2 is our largest project in terms of the entirety of CI Games.” “The previous game was a full-priced, full-featured release, and we’re approaching the next one with an even broader scope in mind.” “The sequel will take the franchise into the realm of dark fantasy and will feature a revised and challenging combat system,” says the publisher.

The Lords of the Fallen series has seen a number of different studios attempt to take on development responsibilities. Deck 13 developed the original game, but Defiant Studios took over the development of the sequel until it was forced to shut down and Lords of the Fallen 2 was postponed. Hexworks, a new studio established by CI Games, was eventually revealed to be in charge of development.

Are there any updates?

A few updates on the Polish studio’s strategy were shared by CEO Marek Tymiski, who pointed to Lords of the Fallen 2 as the most significant project currently in development at CI Games (the company now has over 80 developers in total and raised over €6M earlier this year to accelerate growth), which he described as even more ambitious than the first installment.

lords of the fallen 2

Lords of the Fallen 2 had a rocky development history, with the game-changing hands at least twice before landing in the lap of Hexworks, a studio with offices in Barcelona and Bucharest, respectively. It goes without saying that the company’s ultimate goal is to establish it as a “long-running franchise.”

Additionally, CI Games CEO Marek Tymiski provided an update on the other major franchise owned by the Polish developer and publisher, Sniper Ghost Warrior, in the context of the announcement. The Contracts franchise has now sold more than 11 million units worldwide, with Contracts 2 set to be released soon after that.

Is there a Release Date for Lords of the Fallen 2?

Although there is no official release date at this time, here are some of the latest games such as Elden Ring to keep you occupied while you wait.

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