Broomstick Challenge On Tiktok: What Is It?

A friend texted me 12 Snapchat videos of her broom standing up on its own in her kitchen on Monday night while I was minding my own business and suffering through the first half of the Below Deck reunion.

To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure what the big deal was at first, but everyone else in the group chat seemed to be completely taken aback by what had happened. The broomstick challenge quickly gained popularity on social media platforms such as Twitter and TikTok, and I was determined to figure out what was going on.

This viral internet video trend is similar to the bottlecap challenge, the ice bucket challenge, or any other viral internet video trend—it was started by someone, and now everyone from celebrities to your little cousin is posting their videos to the internet to spread the word.

However, this time, according to reports, some bizarre science was at work. As soon as the broomstick challenge videos went viral, the internet came up with an explanation for what had happened.

broomstick challenge tiktok

Some combination of gravitational pull and planetary alignment, according to NASA’s hard-hitting non-journalists on Twitter, was allowing the brooms to stand up, and that Monday was the only day of the year when this was possible.

Isn’t that a completely legitimate claim to make? No, absolutely not. However, other than Mercury going retrograde this weekend, the planets are doing very little else at the moment.

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It turns out that brooms can do this at any time of year—I guess no one had ever noticed before? Thank goodness for TikTok, which ensures that these kinds of things don’t go unnoticed by the general public. Even though there’s some science going on here, it’s all just plain old physics at work.

broomstick challenge tiktok

My apologies for not paying attention in high school because I have absolutely no idea how to explain what I’m seeing, but it’s not that bizarre. Since gravity is not changing, if you were unsuccessful in your attempt at the broomstick challenge yesterday, you should be able to try again today.

Here’s A Crazy Take On The Broomstick Challenge

That thing with the balancing broom? You have until tomorrow to complete it. And then there’s the day after that. And then there’s the following week.

In addition, next month. Because the act of balancing a broom on its bristles has absolutely nothing to do with the alignment of the planets. Stop taking pictures of brooms. — The Flowing River

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some of the best broomstick challenge videos, which are both entertaining and instructive at the same time.

Among the many variations on the broomstick challenge, Paula Abdul’s is my personal favorite and most bizarre of them all (see below). What can I say? I love Paula’s chaotic energy no matter what she’s doing, and when she knocked over the broom, I f*cking lost it. Paula, you will never change.

broomstick challenge tiktok

It goes to this gentleman who managed to balance his broom on some warehouse equipment 40 feet in the air, earning the title of “most extra broomstick challenge.” I’ve never seen anyone so dedicated to anything in my life, so I have to commend them on their efforts.

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Tyler Cameron, who is never one to pass up an opportunity to gain online clout, undoubtedly jumped at the chance to take part in the broomstick challenge on the video-sharing app TikTok.

I appreciate that he did it in the middle of a Duane Reade aisle, but it makes me wonder if he doesn’t have a broom at his disposal at the moment. Tyler, how are you managing to keep the floors so spotlessly clean? I’m going to check every Duane Reade in town until I find Tyler, so I’ll be back later.

Here are some Broomstick challenges on Tiktok

Final Words

That’s All About The Broomstick Challenge. Stay Tuned For More Updates And Bookmark Our Site For More News. Thank You For Reading!

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