Everything We Know About The Silhouette Challenge In Tiktok

Several TikTok challenges have emerged and captured our attention over the course of the past year, including the Buss It Challenge, the Don’t Rush Challenge, and the Savage Challenge, among others. It reached its zenith when Chloe Bailey completed the #BussItChallenge last month, but it quickly faded away, and the Silhouette Challenge quickly supplanted it.

Originally, the #SilhouetteChallenge was intended to be a body-positive movement that encouraged women to embrace their bodies and sensual sides. People of all shapes and sizes began to flaunt their frames on social media, and they received encouragement, admiration, and praise from their followers. As quickly as it gained popularity, however, it began to lose its appeal as people began to share tips and tutorials on how to remove the red filter from photos, thereby exposing people’s naked bodies without their consent. The challenge is still open, and there are safe ways to participate, so it is not too late to join in. A detailed explanation of how the Silhouette Challenge got started, as well as information on what you should know before participating.

What is the #SilhouetteChallenge?

Thousands of people have been mesmerized by the viral challenge, in which women, and in some cases men, show off their figures with the help of a red light filter and a doorway. “Streets” by Doja Cat is the first song that the person plays in the video, which is followed by a smooth Paul Anka song. They then strip down to their underwear and strike various poses in order to reveal the silhouette of their curves with the help of the red filter.

silhouette challenge tiktok

Instead of transforming and putting on their best clothes with a lot of glitz and glam, this trend strips the person down to focus solely on their shapes and silhouettes, as seen in the #BussItChallenge. It is necessary for participants to film two separate videos of themselves and then combine them while using audio from the TikTok app for the challenge. The videos begin with the person standing in front of the camera in regular lighting while wearing casual clothes, with some opting to wear robes and pajamas, as Anka sings, “Put your hand on my shoulder.” The videos continue with the person standing in front of the camera in regular lighting while wearing casual clothes.

The music then changes to a “Streets” beat, and the camera filter is turned red to match. As the participants strike various poses while standing in a doorway with an outside light source to create a shadow effect, the lighting accentuates each curve to perfection. Some chose to go completely naked, leaving little to the imagination, while others opted to wear underwear or bikinis to keep it more modest.

The music is a critical component of the challenge

TikTok user @giuliadinicolantonio created a mash-up of two songs, which he shared on Jan. 17, and the challenge uses that mash-up. The challenge begins with the song “Put Your Head on My Shoulder,” written by Paul Anka in 1959, which creates a casual and relaxed atmosphere. When the transition begins, the song “Streets” by Doja Cat begins to play in the background as the person’s clothes are removed and they pose in ways that best show off their silhouettes.

In part due to her participation in the TikTok challenge, the rapper’s song from her album Hot Pink is rising up the Billboard charts. It entered the Hot 100 chart for the first time earlier this month, marking the first time since its November 2019 release. It has since risen to the 25th position on the list. In addition, the song is currently ranked No. 10 on Spotify’s Top 200 chart.

How did the challenge start?

In a video posted on Jan. 14, TikTok user @yoelise showed off an unedited photo of herself posing in an open doorway, followed by an edited version of the image in which her body was turned into a silhouette against a red background. In less than a month, the video received more than 1.8 million views, and she has since shared step-by-step tutorials on how to complete the edit on her YouTube channel.

When completing the #SilhouetteChallenge, how do you apply the red color filter?

Many users rely on Snapchat’s “Vin Rouge” filter to create the red light effect in the second half of the clips, which can be found here. Open the application on your device and click on the magnifying glass icon in the top left corner to bring up the magnifying glass. It should appear if you type “Vin Rouge” into the search bar on your computer. Customers can record videos on Snapchat without the need for assistance using the app’s hands-free feature. Press and hold the record button located at the bottom of the screen while pressing the lock button on the left to begin recording. Then save that video, strike a pose for it, crop it, and upload it to TikTok, where you can combine it with the first segment. Make use of the various effects available on TikTok to create a smooth transition between videos.

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