Everwild – What We Know So Far

Everwild appears to be a mystery. Exclusive publisher Rare has unveiled trailers that depict a beautiful, vibrant world without providing even the tiniest hint as to what players can expect in terms of gameplay or interactivity.

No matter how much information we don’t have, I’m hoping that Everwild will be able to fulfill our dreams of playing as a druidic, nature-loving nomad traveling between forests teeming with wildlife. Here’s everything we know about the game so far, including information on its gameplay, setting, release date, and other aspects of it.

Everwild release date

We don’t expect to be able to play Everwild in 2022, as the game was only revealed at the end of 2019. It’s possible that we’ll get a release date confirmation at some point in 2013.

Simon Woodroffe, the company’s former creative director, is no longer with Everwild. However, there is no way of knowing if this has caused issues with the development process just yet.


Microsoft published a list of all Xbox-exclusive games coming to the Xbox Series X|S in 2021 in a blog post in early January. This blog post did not include any mention of Everwild, which confirms our suspicions that the game will not be released this year.

Simon Woodroffe’s departure from the project may have prompted Rare to look for new senior designers. It’s safe to assume that the game still has a lot of work ahead of it, given that they’ve just started interviewing for such a position. It’s safe to assume that the game won’t be released in 2021 after all.

During a VGC Off The Record podcast, Gamesindustry.biz’s Chris Dring claimed that the release date of Everwild was “so far away.” He thinks there may even be a mid-tier upgrade to the Xbox by the time this comes out.


Due to LinkedIn posts from a few Rare employees, a Twitter user recently discovered that Everwild has been in pre-production since 2016. As far as development time is concerned, this isn’t a good indicator of how long it will be before the game is released.

Everwild has been completely relaunched, according to VGC. A 2024 release date means we won’t get to play the game for quite some time.

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Everwild Trailer

As of now, two cinematic trailers have been released, each of which provides a glimpse into the game’s overall atmosphere. Everwild was announced in 2019 with a trailer that depicts a group of four travelers picking berries, interacting with wildlife, and sneaking past the dangers hidden in a beautiful forest. The game will be released in 2020.

Painting-like quality is achieved by using softly animated foliage and a cool color palette throughout the world. Furthermore, the characters and wildlife have simplistic and unrealistic designs, which suggests that the game will be rather lighthearted in general. Another possibility is that this will be a four-player experience, and that, similar to Sea of Thieves, it will take place on servers with a large number of other people to interact with.

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Everwild gameplay

It is likely that Everwild will require players to create their own druidic character with the goal of traveling the world and attempting to protect the most endangered parts of the natural world. We don’t expect this to be a very objective-driven game, in the same way, that Sea of Thieves simply throws you into the experience without providing you with much of a larger motivator other than having a good time is our expectation.

As a result, this will be an important design decision for Everwild, as it will be difficult to feel as if your character is one with nature if the narrative attempts to hammer home these points too forcefully. Instead, Rare should devise ingenious gameplay mechanics that allow the player to naturally experience this level of immersion.

The minimum and recommended system requirements for Everwild

Because we don’t know much about Everwild at this point, we don’t know what kind of computer it will require. But based on the visual style of the game and how graphically demanding Sea of Thieves is, we can assume it’s a lot like it, especially since both games are powered by Unreal Engine 4.


It is recommended that you have a minimum of an Intel Q9450 or AMD Phenom II X6 processor, 4GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R9 270 graphics card to play Sea of Thieves. The game will almost certainly be significantly more demanding than this, given that it is intended to be released on the powerful Xbox Series X console. The recommended system requirements for Sea of Thieves are an Intel i3 7100 or AMD FX-8150 processor, 8GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 710 or AMD Radeon R9 380x graphics card (not included).

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Final Words

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