Smite Season 9 Begins On 25th January!

What’s New In Smite Season 9?

Hi-Rez Studios has confirmed that Shiva the Destroyer will be one of the gods to be added to Smite in the near future. In the Season 9 update, dubbed ‘Dharmic Era,’ the character will be added to the roster and will be available to play on January 25, 2022, as part of the game’s launch. Let’s dive deep into Smite Season 9!

The Smite team has not revealed any information about Shiva’s moveset or powers, but he is expected to join the game sometime in February – a few weeks after the game’s latest update is released. In the meantime, based on the trailer and leaked gameplay footage, it appears that the Hindu deity will play the role of Warrior. There also appears to be a support mechanic attached to him, whereby he heals every other god within a closed radius when he dances (Tandav).

Smite Season 9

Fan expectations have been raised by Rez’s assurance that the team has been working with consultants to ensure that the Hindu god is depicted accurately and respectfully in the game. This is significant because many religious people are offended when their deities are depicted in the media in a “wrongful” manner. To give an example, consider the popular anime series Dragon Ball Super, which received a great deal of negative feedback because it featured a version of Lord Ganesha.

For fear of retribution, the Netflix anime Record of Ragnarok, which featured an interpretation of Lord Shiva, was not made available in India by the show’s creators. Other Hindu deities featured in Smite include Ganesha, Agni, Kali, Ravana, Bakasura, Kumbhakarna, Vamana, and Rama, to name a few. Ganesha is the Hindu god of wisdom. Season 9 will also feature the introduction of five additional gods from various pieces of mythology, though no specifics have been revealed as to which ones.

Smite Season 9

There will also be a new game mode, Slash, introduced in Smite, which will be a combination of the Clash and Siege modes. The traditional tower, phoenix, and titan objectives are present on the map, and upon completion, the players will receive boons or slash offerings as a reward. Similar to any other MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), players will engage in 5v5 battles while switching champions on a regular basis to keep up with the changing tactics of their opponents. The new game map will include a large open area in the middle, as well as the ability to teleport between locations.

Other changes include balance adjustments, matchmaking bug fixes, and the addition of some new skins for you to use on your favorite character or characters. The Season Pass, which will cost $40, will allow players to unlock Lord Shiva and other gods that will be announced soon (about Rs 2,990). The package contains 1000 Gems that can be spent on in-game cosmetics, a battle pass that can be used to unlock skins and items, as well as new Gods.

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