Racket Boys Season 2: Everything You Need To Know About This Series!

South Korean sports drama ‘Racket Boys’ centres on a ragged group of badminton players from Haenam Seo Middle School, who come together to form a team against all odds. After the hiring of a new coach, the players are pushed to reach higher levels of performance and achievement. SBS (South Korea) and Netflix broadcasted the series, which was created by Cho Young-kwang and Jung Bo-hun, when it first launched in May 2021.

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The directing, as well as the usage of graphics, serve to enhance the narrative. Some viewers were dissatisfied with the show’s inaccurate portrayal of badminton players, despite the fact that it had a heartwarming touch to it and was aimed at teenagers. A lot of criticism was directed at the fifth episode in Indonesia, which seems to strike a sensitive nerve with the audience there as well.

In general, though, the sports drama has garnered a devoted following among its viewers. As a result, you’re probably looking forward to finding out whether or not the show will return for a second season. Here’s what we know so far!

When Will Racket Boys Season 2 Be Released?

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Season 1 of ‘Racket Boys’ will premiere on Netflix on May 31, 2021. Before the episodes were made available on the streaming service, they were broadcast on SBS the same day in South Korea. The first season consists of 16 episodes, each of which lasts between 60 and 87 minutes.

Regarding the second cycle, below is what we currently know about it. At this time, there has been no official news regarding the renewal or cancellation of the series on the CW network. However, given that the show has maintained consistent ratings and viewership statistics throughout its first season, it would not be shocking if it were to be renewed for a second season.

Furthermore, the sports drama has enlisted the participation of a diverse range of interesting persons, including world-renowned badminton star Lee Yong-dae, to make guest appearances. It’s possible that his appearance played a role in episode 15’s positive reception. Consequently, we believe that commissioning another round would be beneficial to SBS and Netflix.

According to reports, production on the first season began in early 2021, which indicates that the production team will have three to four months to create fresh episodes for release. If a second season of ‘Racket Boys’ gets ordered by the fall of 2021 or late in the year, we may expect it to premiere sometime in 2022.

Racket Boys Season 2 Cast: Who has a chance to appear?

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If the show returns for a second season, we will see the majority of the main cast members again. Among those who have appeared are Kim Sang-kyung (Yoon Hyeon-jong), Oh Na-rai (Ra Yeong-ja), Tang Joon-sang (Yoon Hae-kang), Son Sang-yeon (Bang Yoon-dam), and Choi Hyun-wook (Yoon Hae-kang) (Na Woo-chan). In addition, Kim Kang-hoon (Lee Yong-tae), Lee Jae-in (Han Se-yoon), and Lee Ji-won (Lee Han-sol) are all expected to return in their respective roles as well.

New characters may or may not be introduced in the second season, depending on whether or not this occurs. If this occurs, we may see some new faces in the second season. Lee Yong-dae, a well-known badminton player, makes a cameo appearance in season 1. Even if the programme gets renewed for a second season, it would be interesting to see the addition of more well-known individuals to the group.

Plot Summary for Racket Boys Season 2: What Could It Be About?

Why Indonesians Are Disappointed Over An Episode Of 'Racket Boys'

Yoon Hae-life kang’s changes dramatically in season 1 when his family relocates to a small village in the countryside.. Not only does he resume playing badminton, but he also becomes dedicated to the sport and strives to be the best he can be.

The badminton team from Haenam Seo Middle School is finally able to compete at the National Junior Sports Festival after a lot of dedication and hard work on their part. As they progress further in the competition, their stress levels reach an all-time high, which has an unanticipated effect on each of their performances.


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