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Japanese anime television series Adachi and Shimamura is based on a light novel authored by Hitoma Iruma. Yuri and Iyashikei are the focus of the show’s romance subgenre. Keiichiro Ochi wrote the scripts and Satoshi Kuwabara directed the show. Overall, there are a total of 12 episodes. Tezuka Productions provided the animation for the show.

Fans and critics alike seem to enjoy it. It also touches on the LGBTQ community because the show focuses on LGBTQ romance and relationships. The show has a 7.1/10 rating on Myanimelist, which is based on user feedback.

Release Date

On May 6, 2019, the anime adaptation of the light novel was revealed. While a second season has not been confirmed, it is widely expected that the show’s creators will move on with it. For now, there is a lot of material available, the show is well-known, and it was also profitable for the show’s creators.

This means that the producers have a good probability of bringing the show back for a second season. Since the first season aired from October 9, 2020, to December 25, 2020, and new seasons typically take 1-2 years to produce, a new season for this show would most likely debut in 2023. The announcements are expected to be made within the next three weeks.


Sakura Adachi, voiced by Akari Kito, is a gorgeous girl with dark hair who frequently skips school. A Chinese restaurant part-time worker, she has a hard time making friends even with her own family. She developed affections for Shimamura, a fellow class-skipper, after meeting him.

Adachi to Shimamura Season 2
Adachi to Shimamura Season 2

Hougestsu Shimamura, portrayed by Miku Ito, is another prominent character in the anime. She is likewise a first-year student with short brown hair. She has a kind and innocent demeanor that draws you in. Even though she is excellent at taking care of people, she finds socializing difficult.

Mananmi Numakura portrays the character of Akira Hino, an affluent family’s youngest daughter. Shimamura, one of her four older brothers, considers her a close friend. Aside from Taeko and Tarumi, the cast includes Yashiro Chikama and Tarumi among others.


The first four volumes of the series were used for the first season of the television show. Sakura Adachi and Hougestu Shimamura are the stars of the show. Students in their first year of high school are close friends of the two of them. Despite her good looks, Adachi is a slacker who frequently skips school.

Until Shimamura entered her life, she desired nothing more than to be alone. Adachi had skipped class one day and was sitting in the school gym when she encountered Shimamua. They formed a close friendship and began to socialize with each other. When Adachi became infatuated with her, she felt the need to tell her.

Shimamura, on the other hand, regards her as a close friend. At the end of the season, she began to care for Adachi as well. We don’t know if she has feelings for her, but it’s not impossible. To find out, we’ll have to tune in to season 2 of the series.

The fifth volume is expected to be covered in the second season. It’s summer vacation time, and Adachi and Shimamura want to spend it together. Shimamura’s longtime buddy Tarumi, on the other hand, has beaten her.

When Adachi spotted them together, she realized they were dating. Will Adachi’s feelings be exposed as a result of this incident? Does Shimamura have the inclination to accept this? How does Adachi reveal her affections for Shimamura to Shimamura and how does she respond?

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A trailer for the show’s second season was never released because it has yet to be officially renewed. The first season’s trailer is accessible on YouTube. Click on the link above if you’d like to see it. If you enjoyed the show and want to see the whole thing, you can find it on Funimation.

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