Fall Guys is getting a Monopoly board where you can literally throw people off!

Fall Guys, the boisterous bean battle royale, is getting its own Monopoly game set.

A collaboration between Mediatonic and Monopoly creator Hasbro has resulted in a hybrid of the two games that is currently unnamed. The traditional game board is shown with plastic obstacles attached, according to images released today.

You can actually YEET players in Fall Guys Monopoly

Fall Guys

Fall Guys’ typically ecstatic Twitter account, which announced the set, confirmed that these obstacles can be used to “ACTUALLY YEET other players” as part of the game’s overall objective.

The four standard corner squares of Monopoly are present, with location squares interspersed between them. However, as shown in the images, you’ll be able to collect currency and crowns as you travel around the board.

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“In this exciting edition of the Monopoly game, players buy up as many Rounds as they can,” according to the product description on Amazon. “The greater the number of Rounds they own, the more Kudos they can earn.”

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“Using a Fall Guys character token, players move around the board, engaging in wild actions such as jumping, grabbing, and falling to victory! Players can also collect valuable Crowns by passing Go and use the Knockout die to alter the course of the game.”

Fall Guys

The Fall Guys Edition of Monopoly is currently available in the United States, and it will be available in the rest of the world “soon”

As for the Fall Guys Switch and Xbox versions, there has been no word on when they will be released.

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