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When ‘Cells at Work!’ premiered in the summer of 2018, it quickly became a fan favorite in the biology and comedy genres. Akane Shimizu, who wrote and drew the manga that inspired the anime, wrote and illustrated the manga that inspired the anime.

David Production developed both seasons of the series, which ran for a total of two seasons. The studio is also well-known for its blockbuster Fire Force anime adaption. Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Funimation were only a few of the places where the anime was streamed.

As of January 9, 2021, the second season of the anime was being shown on a number of local Japanese television networks (Tokyo MX; GYT; ytv; BS11; MBS; TV Aichi; HBC; RKB). In light of the success of the spin-off series Code Black, fans are asking if the main series of Cells at Work would receive a third season.

What Is the Story of the Anime?

The narrative takes place within a human being’s physical body. To maintain the human body, in which they exist, healthy, the 37.2 trillion cells in our bodies are always on guard. A new tale is being told by these cells every day as they fight off the invasion of pathogens like germs and bacteria.

An AE3803 character is a red blood cell at the beginning of its life cycle. A strong white blood cell in the immune system, U-1146, on the other hand, is a potent white blood cell. In contrast to AE3803, which is in charge of moving oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, U-1146 is in charge of keeping blood arteries free of pathogens. Unfortunately, nothing goes according to plan as the narrative progresses.

Does ‘cells at Work! 3’ Have a Third Season?

The second season of the main anime series has just begun airing, and there are no plans to continue the series for a third season at this time. There has been no hint of a new season from David Production or its broadcasters.

The release of a new season of anime might take years in some cases. This may be observed in the approximately three-year period between the first season and the second season. When some of the most important aspects are taken into consideration, it is reasonable to speculate about the possibility of a new season of the anime.

Status of the Anime in Manga

Cells at Work, like many anime, is based on a manga series, as we indicated at the outset of this essay. Akane Shimizu is the manga’s author and illustrator, and it’s published by Kodansha. The manga series by Kodansha USA may also be read in English. There are a total of six volumes in the manga series released in Monthly Shonen Sirius from January 2015. The manga concludes on January 26, 2021, with the release of the final volume.

Cells at Work Season 3
Cells at Work Season 3

Although Akane Shimizu has created spin-off comics, the primary anime series is based on the main manga series. There are six volumes and 30 chapters overall in the manga, which was translated to anime. Chapters 1 through 18 were modified for Season 1, while Chapters 19 through 25 were adapted for Season 2. Only five more chapters remain. A second season is quite doubtful, given the current state of the show’s source material.

Other Factors, Bluray Sales, Popularity, and So on.

Sales of anime DVDs are critical to the release of a new season. In the first season, the anime sold an average of roughly 8,000 discs. In addition, various outlets bought broadcasting rights. The anime has an 88.8% total popularity score, which means that a new season will have no financial obstacles. In addition, it is clear that the anime made a decent profit over its two televised seasons.

Cells at Work! Predicted Release Dates for Season 3

Because the major manga series for the anime is now complete and won’t give enough stock material, a new season is less likely. In order for a new season of the anime to be produced, the spin-off series or the main manga series must be revived in some way. Neither, though, appears to be feasible.

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There will be no new season of the anime because the brand is still quite famous. ‘Cells at Work! Code Black’ was the first anime version of the spin-off series to air. For the time being, we recommend Code Black to individuals who are already familiar with the show. It’s possible that more spin-off series will be adapted into anime in the future, as well.

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