Bugsnax: The Isle of Bigsnax DLC is Free For all Bugsnax Owners!

Next year, the Isle of BIGsnax update will make Bugsnax a lot bigger in a variety of ways, including the addition of new weapons and armor. The Isle of BIGsnax, which will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in early 2022, unlocks a new landscape filled with oversized Bugsnax, as well as new challenges to complete and hut-decorating options back on Snaktooth Island. Lastly and most importantly, the ability to dress up your Bugsnax in various hats is the most adorable aspect of the update.

All Bugsnax owners will be able to download the Isle of BIGsnax update for free.

Bugsnax was released as part of the PlayStation 5’s launch lineup, alongside a slew of big-name titles such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the Demon’s Souls remake. Octodad is a physics game developed by independent studio Young Horses, which was previously known for its heartwarming physics game Octodad, in which an octopus pretends to be a normal father.

Bugsnax: The Isle of Bigsnax DLC

Young Horses has recently made headlines for establishing a permanent four-day work week in the interest of cultivating a healthy work-life balance for its employees, a move that has garnered widespread praise. This is a significant development in the video game industry, where crunch — implementing 100-hour weeks and otherwise overwhelming employees’ lives — is a common practice in the business world.

Bugsnax: The Isle of Bigsnax DLC

As co-founder Philip Tibitoski explained to Engadget in January, “while I enjoy making weirdo games, it’s also very important to me that I’m making responsible decisions to take care of the people I work with, and stuff like that.” In any case, I’ve moved further into the business-y, boss role than I used to be (or, at the very least, I’ve moved further into the business-y, boss role, I guess).” “It’s strange, but it feels right.”

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