Taiwan express train accident has left everyone in tears. Around 51 people died in the crash, including the train driver.

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Taiwan witnessed a tragic accident this friday. A carriage train was carrying four crew members and 492 passengers. It was meant to travel Taipei to eastern Taitung County. But before it could make it to the tunnel, the train had a tragic accident with a truck.


According to the TRA (Taiwan Railway Administration) the collision on friday april 2, was so destructive that it caused the death of 51 people including two Japanese national, one Macau national, the train driver and his assistant. Also they are not sure if the count will stay static.

The accident hurt the passengers badly and it is hard to tell if they can recover from their injuries. So they fear that the number might go higher. As per DPA news agency, investigation suggests that a maintenance truck coming down a slope hit the express train near the construction site. It was because, there were no brakes that could hold the vehicle stable.

The manager of the construction site had been reckless and the prosecutors have sought an arrest warrant for the guilty man. He will be arrested on charges of forging the documents and negligence. In addition to that, Taiwan’s premier expressed his grief and shared the pain of the victims. He said that it was very unfortunate that this many people had to lose their lives.

Taiwan train accident survivors have terrifying stories to share.

The passengers who managed to break free from the train said that it was an incident that wouldn’t leave their memories. It was really hard and painful to watch people lying there. One of the sufferers said that him and his companions had to break the window in order to escape.

According to the officials the accident was so damaging that it would take them days to clear the debris. 178 people were injured in this accident and forty are still in the hospital. Besides the President Tsai Ing-wen, several NGOs also paid them a visit.

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