Sulthan released in theatres, overseas. Karthi fans look the happiest.

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Sulthan is an action thriller starring Rashmika Mandanna, as Rukmani and Karthi, as Sulthan Jr. It is a Tamil movie and was set to release today ( April 2) in cinemas. It was released in both Tamil and Telugu in cinemas abroa. The music for the film was given by Vivek Merin.

The movie has been released overseas and the plot is all over the internet. It’s not like people would stop talking about it, if one part of the world hasn’t seen it. The film is about the bullies that cause troubles in a village and like any other hero, Sulthan stands in their way.


The viewers back in US are giving positive reviews and that is more of a reason to be impatient if you aren’t one of those who have watched the movie.

The romance between Sulthan and Rukmani welcomed with smiles and applause.

Besides viewers being all smitten by Karthi’s acting, music and visuals have also managed to garner attention. There are too many, who think that the music deserves all the love in the world. According to the reviews online the film portrays the romance between Rukmani and Sulthan in a breathtaking way. It is one of the reasons you stay hooked to the screen.

Another thing pointed out was the way Karthi’s onscreen father delivered his lines. People are going all out to praise his work in the movie. This is the debut film of actress Rashmika Mandanna and she has done a good job. Besides the actors, cinematography, screenplay and storyline have all been in the good reviews.


Karthi fans are speeding with their keyboards and leaving comments everywhere including twitter and facebook. The movie has given them a chance to celebrate their favourite actor. Actress Rashmika is also at the receiving end of audience’s love. Her innocent looks and acting skills have made a difference. Overall, the reviews are mostly positive and the movie is rumoured to release in India by July. Nothing is confirmed till the official release date is announced.

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