Tue. Dec 7th, 2021
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It’s been more than a year since we have been locked inside our house. The schools, colleges, other educational institutions, some government offices, and private companies have been closed or are opening with restrictions and protocols. Apart from the loss in terms of work and corporate lifestyle the one-loss which subsides the other losses is the loss of life. In one year there has been a lack of deaths due to the coronavirus. The transmission of the virus has grown rapidly. Though the government has laid restrictions and protocols the effect is nil.

Also, everything in a country is directly or indirectly related to the government of that particular. So even now, in this case, people have been lashing the government because of its inefficiency in controlling the health standards and proper allocation of funds. A new hashtag has been on top of Twitter i.e. ##pmcaresfund_ka_हिसाब_दो here we bring to you all you need to know about the social media clash.

#PMCareFund, The Motive

Seeing the adverse situation of corona our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched a scheme on 27th March 2020. The scheme aims at providing necessary aids to the citizens in case of emergencies in the country. The PM CARES Fund has been abbreviated from Prime Minister’s Citizens Assistance and Reliefs In Emergency Situations. The chairmanship of the funds is under Shri Narendra Modi himself and the key members are Amit Shah ( Minister of Home Affairs), NirmalaSitharaman ( Finance Minister), and Rajnath Singh ( Defense Minister ).

The Initial Complaint

Though the main vision of the scheme has been glorifying the health of the people the loopholes in the scheme have attracted a lot of criticism.

No Public Information

As soon as the scheme was launched the government made it clear that any fund-related documents or information will not be disclosed to the public or other sectors. This made the public doubt the concerns of the PM Cares Fund as it shaded the transparency of the scheme.

Audit Exception

It is a rule that any economic activity needs accounting and auditing. Auditing is the process of reading and analysis of the financial statements, the receipt, and the payments of that particular organization or fund. The government also declared that it will not give auditing authority to the standard Indian board for auditing.

Later due to huge backlash the government decided to have a private auditing committee for the purpose. There are few more loopholes in the scheme which we’ll get to know soon.

#PMCaresFund, The Debate Now

Since the Covid situation is getting far from our reach and every day there are thousands and lacks patients getting in the hospitals it is obvious that the number of beds is declining and not everyone can get access to it. This situation has raised concern among the citizens as no proper hospitality and ventilation is being reported and so the countrymen have raised their concerns on Twitter to let the government know what is needed. The public is demanding the government to produce the statement or the Hisaab of PM Cares Fund as they feel that the funds are not being allocated for its purpose.



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