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When we talk about technology then there are thousands of names that come to our mind. One such leading name is Xiaomi. Xiaomi is a Chinese technology company that produces phones, laptops, bags, and other technical and home appliances. The company was launched around 11 years ago in April 2010. Though the company was launched in 2010, it took 4 more years for Xiaomi to make its appearance in the Indian market and was launched in India in July of 2014. While Xiaomi was launched in India it was only available online and no shop dealership was made. The most amazing part is as soon as it got launched in India, the Indian market boomed with Xiaomi all over. Xiaomi leveled the phone manufacturing level in India and is known for its high-performance budget phones.

The product quality of Xiaomi has impressed the Indian customers such that even after the backlash on Chinese products the trust of Xiaomi is the same.


Live Mi Launch Event, What Is It About?

Since it arrived in the Indian market Xiaomi has been a game-changer and is always trying to suit the Indian standards.

Xiaomi has now decided to launch Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11X Pro, Mi 11X Phones in India. These have already been launched in China a week ago. Also, Mi is gonna launch Mi QLED TV 75 which is supposed to be the largest TV by Mi to date.

What About The Prices?

The exact prices of these new launches can be confirmed only after the launch event which will clear all the doubt related to the design, price, and other factors of the products. However, by digging into the sources we can speculate the price of these new launches.

The Mi 11 ultra is expected to launch at a price of more than 70,000 INR; the Mi 11X can be expected between a price range of 30,000- 35,000 INR depending upon the storage and color variants. The Mi 11X Pro is obvious to be costlier than the Mi 11X and can range somewhat between 35,000 – 40,000 INR. If we talk about the Mi QLED TV 75, it is surely not gonna be below the 1,15,000 INR mark.

How To Watch The Event?

The launch event is scheduled for 23rd April 2021 and the timing for the event is from 12 PM i.e. 12 noon. The event can be streamed on the official website of Xiaomi and will also be telecasted on the official YouTube channel of Xiaomi.

So here we brought to you all about the Live MI Launch Event at 12 PM Today. Hope this helped you to know a lot about the event. Do let us know about your valuable feedbacks, also keep checking our page for more such information.



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