Google Doodle for the day is about maintaining social distancing and following necessary guidelines, to prevent spread of COVID-19.

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Google uses its popular feature to gain attention from world audience. Their doodle is a way to attract eyeballs and spread awareness about precautions we all need to be taking.


Ever since Corona Virus took over the world, people are sharing their best ideas and efforts to put it to rest. It was last year when the world had to be face COVID-19 for the first time. It started by engulfing a couple of countries and soon took the shape of a global pandemic.

World saw a situation it never had to witness. There was no similar disease registered ever before, which made it even harder to contain it. With research and continuous efforts of citizenry and Government, it was possible to come up with precautionary measures and eventually vaccines.

It was made public on global grounds, that wearing mask was a prerequisite. If you wanted to stay untouched by the threat of this disease you had to make sure you took the precautions seriously. But it is lot harder than it looks. Not everyone is doing great when it comes to maintaining social distancing.

After a little lag, the disease has restarted to spread at an increasing pace. Now is the time people learn from their mistakes and follow guidelines.

How Google Doodle makes a difference and what is today’s animation about

Google has also joined the movement and they are doing their bit by creating awareness. Google has a feature known as “Google Doodles” which is handled by their employees known as “Doodlers”. It is a temporary alteration made to Google logo on special events or holidays and looks like many people stay updated when it comes to changes in their logo.

Today’s (April 6, 2021) Google doodle is an animation where all the letters develop appendages and put on a mask. Then the letters move away from each other to represent social distancing. Google is trying to send a message that COVID-19 can be prevented from spreading by maintaining distance and wearing face masks.

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