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Good news for farmers Harvest operations for Rabi: Harvest operations not hampered by 2nd wave of COVID-19

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Rabi crop in India is wheat, also followed by Barley, mustard, sesame and peas. These crops are harvested early as they are ready early. These crops are also knwon as winter crops. These crops are harvested in the spring season. As they are grown in October and November. However, recently the second wave of COVID-19 is currently occured in India. But it is expected that this second wave has not impacted the ongoing harvest operations in the country. As the farmers already harvesting over 55% of their crops. Recently on Friday according to the sources it was observed that the farmers showed continuous resilience of the farm sector in the face of the pandemic. Now let’s look more about the Rabi Crops.

Harvest Data of Crops

The harvest data of the crops has been released by the agricultural ministry. This data has showed that the farmers have already harvestes over 91% of oilseeds, 83% of sugarcane, 82% of pulses, 77% of coarse cereals such as maize and jowar. Also the farmers have harvested over 31% of wheat at the beginning of the Rabi marketting season. According to the source it was found that the data till Friday was overall Rabi Crops 390 lakh hectares of the farm land our of the got 697 lakh hectares were harvested.

Crop production in 2020-2021

The Ministry of agriculture had in February estimated the country’s food grain production in this year at an all time record. This was estimated of around 303 million tonnes which is over 2% higher if we compare it with the previous year data. This year the ministry has recorded that it showed output of paddy which is 120MT, wheat 109MT, maize 30 MT, and gram 12MT in the market.

Good news for the farmers

It was found this this harvest has not affected the farmers production. Also the sowing of summer crops is also going on with a good pace. Even due to the less rainfalls during the current phase the crops are harvested and sown at an amazing rate. Actual rainfall received in the country in March was 45% less compared to the normal during the period. All these phenomena are seems to be in the favour of farmers.

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