Good Friday 2021

Good Friday 2021: Know Significance, history, and why you should never greet anyone on this day

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In 2021 Good Friday is celebrated on April 2. This is the prominent festival of the Christian community. But there are some facts about this day which various people don’t know about. Good Friday is also called Holy Friday or Great Friday. But there are various other names also for this festival. Also, it is called with different names in different countries. There are so many people who congratulate each other on this day. But on this day never congratulate or wish each other. Rather people mourn on this day. However, there is a reason behind why this day is called Good Friday even if people do no wish each other on this day. So now look over the history, why it is called Good Friday, and some facts about this day.

Facts about Good Friday

As the date of Good Friday keeps changing every year. But this festival starts on Thursday before Good Friday. It is believed that on this day Jesus washed the feet of his 12 disciplines and had a last meal with them. However, in memory of this, the father of the church washes 12 feet. At the same time, the Christian religious Pope also wash and kiss the feet of 12 people in Vatican City. Also on this day people fast and participate in prayer meetings in the Church.

Why don’t you congratulate on Good Friday?

This day also called Black Friday or Silent Friday. On this day Christians offer prayers. They also confess their sins. This sag is considered one of the most solemn and sorrowful days. This is the reason that you should now congratulate anyone on this day. But if anyone does not congratulate each other then why it is called Good Friday. So now we will look that why this day is called Good Friday.

Why is it called Good Friday?

It was a belief that the day on which Jesus died was Friday. As religious people firmly believe that Jesus sacrificed his life to show his love for mankind. Despite being a terrible day, it paves the way for the salvation of mankind. The reason behind this is that Jesus came back to his life two days later i.e. on Sunday. So this is the reason this day is called Good Friday.

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