Farmers are burning Narwai may bitter to coronavirus

Farmers are burning Narwai may bitter to coronavirus

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In India the coronavirus second wave has been occured. There are various such measures taken by the government and the people to prevent the spread of coronavirus. But in Jabalpur the things are seems to be different. As the farmers of Jabalpur are burning Narwai. This seems to be a problem with the ongoing situation of coronavirus. With this burning of Narwai the coronavirus will also become sever, and also the air pollution will increase. As coronavirus is the respiratory disease and if this burning will continue then the disease will become more severe. This is an indication that if the things are going on then surely there will be circumstances which are to be faced by the people.

Why burning of Narwai is dangerous?

As burning of Narwai is not a good solution by the farmers. If this practice is taken on regular basis then the the soil will loose it’s nutrients. Also the fertilisation will reduce. Also the sulphur dioxide, oxygen, and carbon dioxide will reduce. The organisms which are necessary for the soil will reduces. These organisms are important for the soil and also for the good cultivation. Later these organisms will die and soil will loose it’s nutrients. This will be in turn a problem for the farmers. As the burning of Narwai will also create breathing problems to the people.

Various incident of burning Narwai

As burning of Narwai is a big problem on which various incidents are coming in the eyes of the officials. It was observed that burning Narwai has also increased the problem of various unusual incidents. The burning the Narwai could be observed as the increasing fire in the fields. Due to this burning there are various fire brigade which are required at the time of fire. According to the sources it was found that this has created the shortage of water.

Action against Narwai burning

After various such burning of Narwai incidents came forward. The officials have started taking action against it. Also it was found that there are various such farmers who have decided not to perform this practice of burning Narwai.

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