Anime "Attack on Titan Season 4

Anime “Attack on Titan Season 4: Part 1” reigns popular

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Attack on Titan makes its anime debut in 2013. It has been one of the most popular anime series. The anime series has been a phenomenon both in its own medium as well as a pop culture mainstay. However, the first season of the anime series appeared in 2013 later the makers gave four years break between its first season and the shortened. As the second season of the anime was aired in 2017. Later its third season was aired from 2018 to 2019. As its final season began airing in December 2020. But only its first half appeared. The fans of the anime have been eagerly waiting for the rest of the parts of Attack on Titan. Earlier no information was given about when the best parts of the season will release but now the best part of the season got a release date.

Attack on Titan Season 4: Second Half

The makers of the anime have confirmed that the second half of season 4 of Attack on Titan will be broadcasted in winter 2022. However, there is no such information on which winters it could be. The season might be aired in the month of January 2022 or it could be December 2022. If it will broadcast in the month of December then fans have to wait for almost a year more.

Online speculation and fan interaction

Since when the first episode of the season have appeared the online speculation and fan interaction has been reaching levels of engagements that were not before for any anime, and which rivaled televisions titans like “Lost” and The Walking Dead at the height of their popularity. The fans had liked the first half of the anime and they have been eagerly waiting for the next half. However, for that, they have to wait a little longer.

Final season: Details

The final season of Attack on Titan has appeared with a complete new twist. It is even impressive because the final season begins with completely new characters on the other side of this world, and yet still stays as engaging as ever. This anime is a perfect blueprint on how to successfully and respectfully adopt a source material.

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