Telangana faces Cyber Attack

Telangana faces Cyber Attack after Mumbai Power Blackout

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India and China relations have always been in the seen recently. Due to the disputes between the two countries, we have seen various decisions taken by the Indian government which are marked to benefit the Indian citizens. As India is the fastest-growing internet market. There are various such chances of attacks over the safety of the citizens due to Chinese hackers. As recently evidence has emerged in the September of a Chinese government. This has resulted in the link of the company’s attempt to seek the digital footprints of thousands of Indian citizens. However, again in November, such an incident was spotted. Recently a massive Mumbai-type power outage was averted in Telangana. The Central Electricity Authority has even alerted the government that the Computer Emergency Response Team of India has reported another Chinese hacker target TS Transco and TS Genco.

Telangana State is the new target

Earlier we have seen Mumbai was a spot for this incident by the Chinese hackers. Now according to the sources, it was seen that Chinese hackers groups allegedly targeted Telangana State Load Dispatch Centre which is TSLDC. The government agencies were successfully informed by the sources about the cyber attacks. When the sources have received the information from a trusted source about this China-based groups command. They have been trying to communicate with TSLDC, TS, Transco, and TS Genco.

Steps were taken by the Telangana  government

Since when the Telangana Government got to know about this attack they have been started taking steps to protect the security of these users. Telangana Transco and Genco chairman has said that malware was removed from 40 substations and the firewall was strengthened.

Mumbai Cyberattack

On October 12, 2020, it was reported that Chinese cyberattacks have to lead to power disruption in Mumbai. Now they have been focusing on some other state as informed above was Telangana. But later in the Mumbai attack the Union Minister RK Singh gave a statement regarding the issue. He said on Tuesday that the Mumbai Power outage was caused by human error. It was also observed that there is no such evidence was found to prove that the outage was a result of hacking by Chinese hackers.

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