Maharashtra government imposes stricter Norms for hotels, cinema halls

Maharashtra government imposes stricter Norma for hotels, cinema halls, offices amid covid surge

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Coronavirus pandemic is one of the toughest problems the world is facing. It’s been a year that coronavirus is still not leaving out life. There are various countries that have been working with vaccines and medicines to protect their citizens from this virus. But still, in India, their situation seems to be alarming once again. However, the cases were decreased a few months back but now suddenly there is a surge in the states. To see this situation Maharashtra government has imposed stricter norms for hotels, cinema halls, and offices. The government is trying its best to control the pandemic situation. As of Monday government has imposed some new rules till March 31, 2021, for the state.

The decision of the state government

The government said that cinema halls, hotels, restaurants, and offices except those related to health and essential services in the state. It has said that these disciplines will function at 50 percent capacity. This capacity will continue till March 31, 2021, in the state. However, further, the government added that those who violate these rules will result in a shutdown of the establishment. The citizens of the state need to follow these rules as long as the central’s government notification of the Covid-19 pandemic as a disaster is in force.

Rules for people

The government has asked people to wear masks and nobody is allowed to enter inside the premises without wearing a mask. The temperature will also be checked before entering anywhere. It has also asked the people running these establishments that they need to make sure that they have enough force who can perform such tasks for checking mask, checking temperature, maintaining social distancing. However, in this 50% rule, Offices are the exception. But the government has asked people as far as they can work from home they need to. For the laterites, not more than 20 people are allowed. In wedding, cultural, religious gatherings, only 50 people are allowed.

Coronavirus cases in Maharashtra

According to the sources it is observed that Maharashtra again has recorded 15,000 plus new cases of infection just on Monday. As the cases continue to rise so the government has imposed these rules.

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