Indian ‘atmanirbharta’ in space

Indian ‘atmanirbharta’ in space and pharmaceuticals is an exception. It must be the norm

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India is now working to be atmanirbhar in terms of space and pharmaceuticals. As announced by the Indian Prime Minister has announced that people now need to be a part of Atmanirbhar Bharat. As in terms of COVID-19 vaccine supplies to Brazil India is growing at a very fast rate in terms of Atmanirbhar Bharat. Also the launch of Brazil’s Amazonia-1 satellite by the Indian Space Research Organization. Both the innovations and development by India have drawn too much attention in the technological and scientific fields. This shows that Indian’s in the field of space and pharmaceuticals are growing not only at the Indian rate but also showing their talent around the world. India is now giving tough competition to its rivalry China and various other countries.

ISRO Satellite

Recently we have seen that one of the satellites was sent into space in the name of Mr. Narendra Modi. Since when ISRO came into the operation the organization is performing such tasks which are gaining too much attention around the world. We can observe that all this development in the space and pharmaceutical sectors is all due to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s efforts. It was her who gave attention to these fields and today we are growing. Now BJP is contributing to the development of both industries. With the help of which India is now able to provide drugs and vaccines at an affordable price to other countries.

The rising talent of India

The growing pharmaceutical and space sectors are all because of our rising talent in India. Even we can believe that credit goes to Indian Engineering, scientific, and technological talent. All this has contributed to maintaining world-class standards at a fraction of the cost which was incurred in developed countries. The space mission to Mars was completed at a minimal cost in India.

Competition around the world

India is growing at a very fast rate. But there is the biggest setback in the global appeal of India’s knowledge economy. As students from all over the world drawn to Indian universities. Due to the quality of education and also social entertainment offered the students are no longer interested in India. Now with space and the pharmaceuticals industry will be India’s soft power.

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