The first consignment of 'red rice'

First consignment of ‘red rice’ shipped off for Export From India to US

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Red Rice is one of the specialties of Indian food. There are various types of rice are found in India. But if we talk especially about Assam then it has four divisions of rice Sali, Ahu, Boro, and Bao. Today Assam’s red rice’s first Consignment flagged off to the US In Assam this rice is known as Bao-dhaan. However, this export is a major boost for India’s rice exports. This export will give new hope to the farmers of Assam to earn great profits for their crops. The growing of rice at this huge level is not an easy task for anyone. On Thursday red rice exported to the US of weight 20 metric tonnes. There are various health benefits of red rice let’s have a look over them.

'red rice' shipped off to us

Red Rice benefits

Red Rice is grown in the Brahmaputra Valley of Assam. As these are grown without any use of chemical fertilizers. So these are very beneficial for health. If we look over the Assam’s food culture then red rice plays an important part. Red rice is enriched with antioxidants and magnesium. These are mainly eaten to maintain the sugar level in the body. As being a great source of fiber red rice is considered one of the best food in Assam.

Benefits to farming families

The introduction of this export to the US will bring a great increase in the incomes of farming families of the Brahmaputra river flood plains. We have seen that there were times when farmers of India did not get the complete amount for the crops. But now such exports have brought a ray of hope for them in crop cultivation.

Flagging off ceremony

Dr. Angamuthu took the charge of this export. The Consignments were carried out at Sonepat, Haryana. In the ongoing condition of a pandemic, the officials have taken proper measures in this export. APEDA and REPF both were involved in this process. There were representatives from the rice industry, exporters, officials from APEDA, the ministry of commerce, and the director of agriculture. This will be a great step towards Atmanirbhar Bharat. The officials had flagged off the consignment properly.

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