Covid cases surge problem for India

Covid-19 cases surge: problem for India’s Growing Economy

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Coronavirus is one of the biggest threats to human life. Either it is the economy or the lives of people this pandemic has changed everything in the world. India is the country that had an amazing rate where people were overcoming this coronavirus. As it’s been a year we cannot move away from this virus. Again in the country, the second wave of COVID-19 cases poses fresh risks. But it seems that it may not unbalance India’s economic recovery. If we look over the cases then they are increasing at a very fast rate throughout the country. According to sources, it was found that earlier when coronavirus came into our lives people were scared of this but now they are becoming careless. However, vaccination drive has been started in the country but it seems people are getting more careless in respect of coronavirus pandemic.

Maharashtra is the biggest concern

Earlier we have seen that Maharashtra is the only state which has seen a spike in coronavirus cases. As the state has the maximum number of people who were positive for this virus. Again in this second wave of a surge in cases Maharashtra remains the concern. The state has accounted for about 60% of all active cases in the country. In addition to this Kerela has 11% of all active cases. In view of this ongoing pandemic situation, the Government has compelled to announce a lockdown for two weeks. Maharashtra contributes 14.5% to India’s overall GDP. To make the state safe the government implemented restrictions and individuals respond to raising cases.

Economic recovery is in doubt

During the lockdown, there were various businesses that had shut down permanently. Again this second wave of coronavirus cases seems to be a problem. As we have seen in the case of Maharashtra and its contribution towards the GDP of the Country. If things get worse there might be another lockdown in India. This will surely lead to threats to India’s economy.

Economists on this issue

The Central Bank Governor Shkatikant Das has added that he did not find any immediate thereat to activity. Also, various economists even believe to see this as a bumpy road ahead given that the western Indian state of Maharashtra.

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