COVID-19 cases rising in 6 States

COVID-19 cases rising in 6 States: Health Minister asked to follow rules

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It’s been a year since the whole world is dealing with a coronavirus pandemic. However, there are countries that have been launching vaccines. India is also one among them who is giving the vaccine to its own population and even providing it to other countries as well. In India, it was seen that cases saw a decline a few months ago. But now the situation seems to be alarming once again. The cases are rising again. And it was observed that in 6 States the rise is fast. On Friday Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan have asked people to follow social distancing norms and wear masks. He even pointed out the rise in cases in 6 States.

COVID-19 cases rising in 6 States

Union Minister Harsh Vardhan on Rising cases

According to the sources, a minister has asked people that India has a low fatality rate. Also now vaccine is available in the country. But still, this is not the time that we will neglect the coronavirus pandemic. He said as cases are rising the only reason behind this as people are now neglecting the pandemic. It, not the time to be careless in this issue. He later urged the people to maintain social distancing, follow up the rules, and wear masks. We have vaccines and good immunity but this is not the time we forget the disaster caused by this pandemic on our lives.

What are the 6 States?

Union Health Minister has informed about the rise in cases in Maharashtra and Kerala. He also informed about the other states as well which has reported the spike in cases these are Punjab, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu. He has also informed about the cases on Saturday were about 200,000 marks. This was the first time since January 19 that we have seen a surge in cases. Maharashtra has also observed 15,917 fresh cases on Friday itself. Kerela has reported 1,780 new cases.

Efforts of Central Government in controlling the pandemic

The Central Government is keeping an eye on these rising cases. It has also deputed high-level teams to Maharashtra, Kerala, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Jammu, and Kashmir, Punjab, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and Chattisgarh to support their fight against the spike of COVID-19. It has also reported the daily cases and putting efforts to control the situation.

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