launch Covid-19 Virus Passport

China becomes first country to launch Covid-19 Virus Passport for International Travellers

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China has launched a health certificate program for Chinese international travelers. This health certificate is known as a Covid-19 passport. As we all know that China has been taking measures since the day the virus has outbreak from the country. It has been working with all measures and possibilities to make the country virus-free. But now this Digital certificate is a new thing done by the country. However, not only China there are various such countries in the world that have been practicing this context. China believes that launching this certificate will be a great step towards the protection of the spread of viruses in the world.

launch Covid-19 Virus Passport

China’s virus passport launch

This launch took place on Monday. The country has launched this passport through the social media platform WeChat. It is a digital certificate that shows that the person is vaccinated or not. Basically, it consists of the information regarding Covid-19 vaccination and also the virus tests result. But it is only available for Chinese citizens. This certificate is currently not available to the citizens for now. Even the country stated that it is not mandatory to have this certificate with you. The main aim of the country to launch such passports is to make travel easy and virus-free.

Other countries efforts in this program

The Chinese government has launched these digital certificates for its 1.3 billion citizens. Not only China Greece and Cyprus have also issued virus passports specifically for travel to and from Israel. As the countries have completed the vaccination process for almost 44% of their population. Also, Denmark and Sweden are about to launch health passports soon. This will be done with the European Union. It will be known as Green Pass. This will be considered an easy movement within the entire Union despite resistance from France and Germany.

Matter of Privacy

There are some legal challenges which countries need to think about while making these passports available. As there will be some people who are not vaccinated and not even got in touch with COVID-19. But how these passports and certificates will detect the data of the users. We see in France the country has formed an official database of the citizens who have been vaccinated against this Virus. So other countries are also required to follow up such steps for privacy.

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