Bank holidays March 2021

Bank holidays March 2021: Banks to remain closed on THESE dates. Check full list

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The bank is an integral part of society. RBI is the apex institution of the Indian banking system. It regulates the working of various Commerical banks across the country. As in the regulation of the banks, RBI also issues monthly dates for the holidays of the banks around the country. This needs to be followed by every institution in India. As the month of February 2021 has comes to an end so RBI has also issued a holiday calendar for the banks for March 2021. The account holders need to keep a check that there are 11 days on which the banks will remain closed in the country. Let’s have a look over the full list of Holidays of banks in the country.

Bank holidays March 2021

List of Holidays in March 2021

There will be a holiday for a total of 11 days in the month of March. As account holder must keep a check once before planning to have any transaction. Here is the list:-

  1. The bank will be closed on March 5 2021 on account of a Holiday in Mizoram to celebrate Chapcher kut.
  2. The bank will remain close on March 11, 2021, on account of Mahashivratri.
  3. There will be a holiday on March 13, 2021, on account of the second Saturday.
  4. March 22, 2021, the bank will remain close on account of Bihar Day
  5. The bank will remain close on March 27, 2021, on account of the fourth Saturday.
  6. On account of Holi, the bank will remain close on March 29, 2021, and March 30, 2021.
  7. Except these above mentioned the Sundays will be included.

Bank strike

The bank will remain close for two days as the apex body of 9 organizations of bank employees UFBU has announced a two-day strike from March 15. This strike is to protest against the proposed privatization of two public sector banks. Although there are chances that there will be further updates for the strike to the account holders.

Online transactions

The account holders must not worry that due to banking holidays they cannot perform banking online and internet banking transactions. As everything could be performed easily. As the beginning of the new financial year, 2021-2022 is about to start so even if the banks will remain close during this time but the transactions could be performed easily using online banking. But one should keep in mind their work at bank regarding the holidays.

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