violence at Nanded Gurudwara

14 arrested in connection with violence at Nanded Gurudwara in which 4 cops were injured

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On Tuesday has arrested 14 people. These people were arrested by police as they found them in connection with an attack on policemen and vandalism by a mob of sword-wielding Sikhs in the Maharashtra district. This incident took place on Monday outside the Sri Hazur Abchal Nagar Sahib Gurudwara in Nanded. All these cases were taken place during the Hola Mohalla celebrations. This possession was earlier denied by the authorities due to the Covid-19 situation. But a mob of around sword-wielding 300 Sikhs charged at police in Maharashtra Nanded. This incident was caught on the camera and the video went viral. According to the sources in this incident, at least four policemen got injured in the attack, and several vehicles were damaged. The video which went viral shows the details of the incident.

Video went viral shows Details

This video shows the sword-wielding mob barging out of the Gurudwara. They had broked up the barricades which were put up by the police. Later the mob has attacked the policeman. According to the policeman, it was seen that when the Nishan Sahib was brought to the gate around 4 pm, several participants started arguing and over 300 youth stormed out of the gate. Later they all created soo much mess outside there. And they had also attacked various policemen.

FIR Against the people who created violence

The people who attacked the police FIR have been registered against them. According to the sources it was found that the condition of the four constables is very serious. The mod had damaged six vehicles of police. This FIR has been filed against at least 200 people under section 307 attempt to murder, 324, 188, 269, and for rioting. However, the people who were involved in this violence were also arrested.

Hola Mohalla

Hola Mohalla is a Sikh festival that comes after the day of Holi. This is much more similar to Holi. But it also includes the Sikhs who show their martial skills. Also, those who are unaware Nishan Sahib is a triangular saffron-colored flag furling outside a gurudwara on a steel pole covered with a saffron cloth.

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