Sudeep doesn’t fake anything

Sudeep doesn’t fake anything, says Bigg Boss Kannada 8 director Parameshwar Gundkal

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Big Boss is one of the most loved shows in India. As of now, Big Boss Kannada is also the most-watched reality show. It took almost 70 days in preparation to launch the eighth season of Big Boss Kannada. In the current ongoing pandemic situation, everyone was in shock that hoe Big Boss season happened. But the Big Boss Hindi version was a big hit despite various obstacles and difficulties. Now the Big Boss Kannada is about to launch. The cluster business head of Color Kannada, Parameshwar Gundkal has explained the rules and regulations which need to be followed during this tough situation. Just like the Hindi Version, the Kannada version will also be live.

Big Boss Kannada launch

Season eight of Big Boss Kannada will air today on February 28, 2021. This will be a big event as it will run for around five starts. The show will start at 6 p.m. today on Color Kannada. However, it is for the first time that fans can stream the show live 24hours a day Monday to Friday on the channel’s OTT platform which is Voot Select. As just like that Hindi version same Kannada version could be streamed.

Quarantine rules for Big Boss 8 Kannada

As explained by Parameshwar Gundkal there will be strict rules followed by people who want to enter the Big Boss house. They need to be quarantined first. A week of home quarantined must be completed before the person is placed in the institutional quarantine. Also, anyone, who is entering the premises should have a COVID-19 test negative. This will be a tedious process that needs to be performed by people.

Parmeshwar on host Sudeep’s reaction

Parmeshwar added that Sudeep was not faking anything. If he is angry he is actually angry. He added that he was angry with a competitor and it was broadcast as is. Also, there is no such directive for him to take a break if he gets angry. He also added that Big Boss is not the show result of an ego shock. It is the study of human behavior. It just depends on the person’s behavior how they react when kept in a situation of stress.

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