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Shanna Moakler: Liking that Kourtney Kardashian diss was an accident

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Shanna Moakler is an American model, actress, and reality TV Star. Her original name is Shanna Lynn Moakler. She was known for winning the title of Miss New York USA pageant in 1995. Recently Shanna Moakler has hit the like button on an Instagram comment which was Kourtney Kardashian diss. Later the actress added that this was the mistake, it was an accident that she liked the comment. That comment had a remark that dissed as ex-husband Travis Barker’s new galpal, Kourtney Kardashian. However, Moakler has revealed much about this accident that this happens many times. She later added that she did know that she press liked button over the comment. Moakler began this hassle final week at the time when she liked a comment on her Instagram.

Moakler Social media blaster

As she gained too much attention when she liked the comment. But she added that when she is on her social media such an accident happens various times. As she said that she likes all the fan’s comments. Further added that she even just kind of go down and likes everything even without reading the comments various times. However, Moakler has added that she did not mean to hurt anyone’s sentiments and she was not trying to raise a social media war.

Moakler and Travis relationship

Moakler and Travis they both shares a son and daughter 17 and 15 years old respectively. She has liked a comment which called Kourtney Kardashian a downgrade for Barker. Further in the comment, Moakler added that it was about different ex not about Kourtney and Travis. She also said that she was been with Travis for a decade. She added that she is now happy with her life.

Kourtney and Travis relationship

It is now confirmed last month that Kardashian and Barker are secretly dating seeing each other for a couple of months. It was also seen that their children helped bring them together. As the duo is now officially a couple. On February 16 they have made their relationship official on their social media handle. However, the families of the couple have been very supportive of each other as informed by sources.

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