Qualcomm X65 debut

Qualcomm X65 debut: World’s First 10gbps 5G Modem

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Qualcomm is one of the most amazing semiconductor manufacturing firms in the World. Here Snapdragon is a System on a chip semiconductor product for smartphones. Snapdragon is one of the most used chipsets in the market. This is one of the most advanced processors even it is confirmed by various companies. Recently Qualcomm has announced that they have launched World’s first 10gbps 5G Modem. It is launched with its Snapdragon X65. This seems to be a new 5G solution for the devices. When a device is powered by a wonderful processor then it is considered a powerful device in the market. There are even various other announcements that have been done by Qualcomm towards a better and powerful future of the devices. Let’s have a look over these as well.

Qualcomm X65 debut

Qualcomm other announcements

Qualcomm has announced various other technological advancements in the market. Considered the above one which is the Snapdragon X65 5G modem. Apart from this, it has also announced these things:-

  • A next-generation RF Front End (RFFE). This will be a solution for high-performance 5G smartphones.
  • Another one is a fixed 5G wireless access (FWA) platform Gen 2

These are considered to be the biggest announcements by Qualcomm recently. But Snapdragon is the biggest among all of them. This Snapdragon could be used in the upcoming 5G smartphone in 2021.

Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 features

  1. This new Modem is based on 3GPPS Release 16
  2. It is designed on a 4nm manufacturing process.
  3. It will provide supports to all globalized Commercialized mmWave frequencies which include the n259 41GHz band.
  4. This will use 1000MHz bandwidth to hit its peak 10Gbps capabilities.
  5. It will offer you Power Dave 2.0 feature
  6. This will provide connectivity up to 10 Gigabits per second
  7. This will be a step towards a realm of possibility for 5G expansion.

Qualcomm RF Front End (RFFE) solutions features

This innovation includes:-

  1. It is considered to be the 7th generation Qualcomm Wideband Envelope Tracker.
  2. This is considered to be the World’s first multi-mode, multi-power amplifier, wideband envelope tracking solution supporting glob 5G sub 6 GHz and LTE bands.
  3. This is the new Integrated 5G/4G power amplifier modules and diversity modules

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