New Facebook Product Mocked

New Facebook Smartwatch has brought more Mocking to the company

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Facebook is one of the most famous technological company in the world. It is one of the fastest-growing companies till now. As earlier, we could see that Facebook was just an application that is used for communication. But now Facebook has owned various other social media apps and is ruling over social media in an amazing manner. As of now, it can be seen that the company is now willing to expand its range in another field as well. There are rumors that Facebook is now planning to launch a watch. This watch will give a competition to Apple and Fitbit. But as soon as rumors were spread the company’s new device was mocked. Now let’s have a look over the reason for this mocking and what the company is about to bring with this watch.

New Facebook Product Mocked

Reason behind mocking

As being an company which deals in Commutation application. There are various confusions among people that will Facebook be able to meet the expectations of the people. And also anyone would trust them enough to buy such a device. Apple and Fitbit are one of the most famous companies in the context of Smartwatches. When companies like Facebook bring devices into the market such confusions occur. Recently we have seen privacy and security matters have risen with the new WhatsApp privacy policy. So this also brings scratching minds of the people to think about their safety. There have been many tweets regarding the not purchase of the watch due to safety and privacy reasons.

Facebook new watch specifications

  1. The smartphone is expected to be based on Google’s Android Operating System at first.
  2. But later it could potentially run on Facebook’s own operating system.
  3. Facebook is now also planning to bring its own operating system for its upcoming range of devices.
  4. This device is expected to have messaging, health tracking, and fitness feature. These will be just like other devices from Apple and Fitbit.

Facebook watch release

Till now the company has not confirmed that Smartwatch is about to arrive in the market. But now it is seen that it could be available by next year.

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