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Murphy, Clark lead No. 9 Virginia past Georgia Tech 57-49

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Kihei Clark failed to touch iron on a 3 pointer nearing the midway count on the second half. This has to lead the Georgia Tech Student section to let him have it. Later the crowd chanted over and over. They chanted that Airball! Airball! Airball!. This was the sound echoes all around the game. The atmosphere changed and the game was suddenly been a main attraction for the viewers turn to be an interesting one. However, it was seen that Clark was not fazed. He kept shooting and even he got the last laugh in the game. The details of the game are shown here.


Murphy and Clark score

Murphy has scored 18 counts and Clark has added 14 counts. This has been done by both the players in just the second half of the game as No. 9 Virginia pulled away from Georgia Tech down the stretch. This turned to be a victory for a 57-49. The game took place on Wednesday night and proved to be an amazing and interesting one. Later it was found that yellow jackets mainly focused on shutting down Virginia’s top scorers. They were Sam Hauser, Jay Huff, Clark and Murphy has to set up. The coach of the team has asked Clark to keep doing a shoot till the end even when he threw up that Airball from the big range.

Other marvelous performance

  1. The Yellow Jackets led 44-21 with 6:18 remaining after Jose Alvarado hit a jumper.
  2. The Cavaliers finished on a 16-15 run. This turns to be the most amazing way.
  3. Georgia Tech lost to Virginia for the second time this season. They even missed their chance to give its post-season resume a big growth.
  4. Georgia tech’s entire team has finished 4 to 8 beyond the arc.
  5. Alvarado has scored 18 counts which have further lead Georgia Tech to hold to 18-50
  6. Later Alvarado came up with a steal at the defensive end and passed her’s to Michael Devoe, he flipped a no-look pass.

Main attraction

This estimated that The Yellow Jackets expected to win to improve their chances of reaching the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2010. Also, the Cavaliers continued their domination in the series. They won first the 16th time.

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