Larry King’s widow, Shawn King, files papers contesting his will

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Larry King was an American television actor and radio host. He is one of the most amazing actors. Recently it was seen that on Tuesday Shawn King’s lawyers filed the documents in an L.A. court. She was planning to file court papers which will be contesting his secret will. As in January, 2021 Larry King died at 87. But in 2019 he was divorced with Shawn King. Shawn in 61 is years old and claims in the new papers that Larry’s ill heath left him susceptible to outside influence. Recently last week it was seen a secret handwritten will surfaced. However, it did not mention about Shawn and left his $2 million estate to his kids. He later claims that he was might not aware that he was signing the new will.

Shawn King’ objection

Shawn King said that Larry was not even planning on going through with the divorce. She later said that he was generally non responsive. Larry even gave no indication that he actually wanted to pursue divorce. This is in context of other than the initial filing of the petition for dissolution. She further added that Larry did no avail himself for this option to seek trail preference just because of his age.

Larry’s Last Will

He was died due after being hospitalized with COVID-19. From his seventh wife his divorce was never finalized. In the last his note was peppered with grammatical errors. This note said that he wants his fund to be divided equally among his five children. That states that this included 100% of his will. As his five children are Andy, Chaia, Lary Jr, Chance, and Cannon. As among them Chaos died from lung cancer. Also his son Nadu suffered a fatal heart attack within weeks of each other last summer. The host’s children with Shawn King are Chance and Cannon. Later emergency petition was filed by King Jr.

King Jr. petition

This says that his father and Shawn King were actively involved in ongoing dissolution proceedings and we’re residing seperately from each other since 2019. He later added that the California Probate Code gives him a clear statutory priority over Shawn King to act as the special adminstrator in the estate.


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