Lala Kent Drinks milk Every Night for Heartburn Amid Pregnancy

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Lala Kent is one of the most famous American television personality. She is best known for bring a cast member of the bravo reality TV series Vanderpump Rules. Recently it was seen that Lala Kent and Randall Emmett are dating each other. However, after years of avoiding the truth from their fans. It’s finally revealed that the duo is dating each other. Earlier in September the duo has announced as they were expecting a baby. The good news was announced during an episode of their podcast. It was seen that since then Kent has shared a handful of pregnancy updates with fans on social media. Even she made an Instagram account for her baby on the way. This is made in the name as Give Them Lala Baby. As of now she is eight months pregnant. Her newly set routine for the pregnancy is getting too much attention these days.

Lala Kent’s new nightly routine

Lala had revealed that she takes a glass of milk every night. This is taken while laying on heating pad. Om ger Instagram story the actress has revealed this information. She gave the reason that Whole milk helps her heartburn. Not only this in addition to milk she also uses Bio-Oil Skincare Oil for her stretch marks and scars. Earlier this month her daily nightly routine has been revealed by herself on Instagram story. She also said that topical oil is the only one which she could trust for her belly.

Lala Pregnancy Journey

Lala has always been very informative to her fans and followers about her stages during pregnancy. She always continued to keep up to date on the details of her pregnancy journey. Earlier in September 2020 she has shared about her physical and emotional changes which was experiencing during these days. She wrote too many body changes in her life which she is experiencing. In the end she added that she is creating a life which makes her feel like a warrior.

Lala Kent’s pregnancy Photos

In January Lala Kent has also shared an update on she is spending her time until until she welcomes her daughter to the world. She herself has wrote on the Instagram story that she is about to welcome baby girl in few months. Even she has shared photos on her social media handle in which she looks mesmerizing.


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