Foldable iPhone

Foldable iPhone will support Apple Pencil: Report suggests

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Apple is one of the most amazing companies around the world. The company is currently the topmost company in the world which deals in amazing technology and new innovations in its devices. The device by Apple has amazing features and specifications. We cannot ignore the fact that with the introduction of new skin, latest technology, amazing processor Apple remains at the top. There are various companies in the market which are dealing in Foldable smartphones. Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, and many more. Apple is also giving tough competition to them as it is about to launch the device with a plus version. According to the sources it was seen that the company is testing foldable displays for a possible bendable iPhone. Being the fastest-growing category in smartphones which is a foldable device and Apple is about to bring something new with these devices. It is observed that every smartphone Manufacturer will bring a bendable portfolio by 2025.

Foldable iPhone

Foldable iPhone features.

  1. The smartphone will be much more similar to that of a phone-tablet hybrid.
  2. Apple’s new iPhone Foldable will have an OLED display.
  3. It could be between 7.3 and 7.6 inches.
  4. The smartphone will feature a stylus. This is the main attraction of Apple’s foldable smartphone.
  5. However, Apple Pencil is not compatible with any iPhone currently.
  6. In 2019 there were various predictions that smartphones will be much more like a foldable iPad.
  7. Being a competitor to Samsung as Samsung is about to launch Galaxy X Fold 3 with a digital pen. And Apple is likely to develop one such for its foldable display so the integration should not be ruled out.

Apple Foldable smartphones launch date and price

The company has just confirmed that they are working with such technology to being a foldable device in the market. There is no such specific date mentioned by Apple about the device. But it is expected to be available by 2023. This will be a long time off.

Targeted Youth

iPhone Foldable will be targeted at young users. According to the recent leaks, this information has been revealed. If we look over the sizes then it is much more similar to iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apple is currently testing Foldable smartphones.

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