Clare Crawley and Dale Moss allegedly seen together after split

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Clare Crawley who is 39 and Dale Moss who is 32 are known as Bachelorette exes. They have been seen together in Venice, Florida on Tuesday. Clare Crawley is an American television personality. She is best known for her role as the runner up on thr 18th season of ABC’s. And Dale Moss is former American footballer. He is a wide receiver and reality television personality. Both Clare Crawley and Dale Moss had split. This was a shocking split for everyone. Now even less than a month after the duo split they have been seen together. According to the photos which were seen shows both were grabbing drinks at Nokomo’s Sunset Hut in Nokomo’s, Florida. This moment has been spotted on Tuesday. After their shocking split this was a fan moment after seeing both of them together.

Looking Comfortable

The duo was looking comfortable. Though they did no pack on the PDA during their get together. If we use word comfortable it is small they were more than comfortable, while grabbing a seat at the quaint bar. The duo was even seen hugging each other many times. This was a surprise outing after they split.

Reason for their split

On January 19 Moss took her Instagram handle to share this news about their split. She said that it was mutual statement among both of them. However, Moss saying the statement was mutual but Crawley claimed that she only learned he would be announcing the devastating news after he posted it. Further after Dale’s post Moss said that she really need some time to really digest this news. She told all these things to her followers. She even added that she was crushed after this as she was very clear about her intentions with this relationship. Also she was not expecting such thing and was still trying to process this.

Photo details

According to the photos which have been revealed that duo was spotted at Florida. These photos shows that the pair was seen in workout gear and sneakers. There were snapped crossing a street and even holding hands in one photos. This has sparkled the fans to immediately speculate on the state of their relationship.


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