Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 May bring Blood Glucose monitor: Patent Application describe the tech

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Apple is one of the most amazing companies around the world. The company has been dealing in an amazing range of devices which have wonderful and tremendous features and specifications. Its new innovations and technology have kept the company as the topmost company in the world. Not only smartphones Apple deals in an amazing range of watches which are the first priority of consumers these days when they want to purchase a smartwatch. We even cannot ignore the fact that Apple watches have even saved the lives of many people when they were in danger. Recently new innovations could be expected to available in Apple watches. According to recent tech, the new health-focused technology has been shown.

Apple Watch Series 7

Health-focused technology

Apple is about to launch Apple 7 Watch Series. According to the sources it was seen that the company could bring new health-focused technology in this series. It may be able to monitor blood glucose without drawing blood. US Patent and Trademark Office USPTO titles Terahertz Spectroscopy and Imaging In Dynamic Environments with Performance Enhancements using Ambient sensor has been filed with them. This shows that Apple can use absorption spectroscopy to obtain noninvasive blood sugar readings. Earlier the company uses light to pass through blood now they will be using Terahertz electromagnetic radiations. This is generally done for the detection of health, quality, of liquid or solid materials.

The disadvantage of this technology

According to the sources in the patent, it was also shown the potential use. This implementation of tech is expected to result in the Watch losing water resistance. Although the blood sugar reading has to be accurate. If the reading is off by a bit, the users end up taking too much insulin and bring on a hypoglycemic or low blood sugar attack. There could also be the result of a faster battery drain.

Apple Watch 7 series launch date and price

There is no such specific date mentioned by the company but it is expected to be available by end of this year. Even it is not confirmed that the company will for sure use this technology but the patent has informed that at least Apple is thinking to do so in its upcoming smartwatches range.

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