Apple Watch SE and Series 5: WatchOS 7.3.1 update

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Apple is one of the most amazing company which deals in the amazing device around the world. If we look over the devices which are available in the market by Apple then they are marvelous. Apple never fails to use the latest technology in its devices which attracts consumers towards it. Now only Apple smartphones, laptops, but also Apple watches are gaining too much attention these days. Due to various features and specifications in Apple watches they are becoming the priority of the consumers when it comes to purchase the smartwatch. Even we have seen various such examples that Apple watch has saved lives of many people. Recently Apple has announced a new major update for Apple watch. This update has gone live and now it can be downloaded by the public easily. The new update will be available with Version 7.3.1. Now let’s have a look over the update for Apple watch.

Version 7.3.1 Update Availablity

This update is available for Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch SE. Those who have these watches they can easily go through their iPhones and update the Apple watch. As WatchOS 7.3 was released on January 23. This update featured the the addition of Time to Walk a new Unity watch face, an irregular heart rhythm notification and even ECG app update and Control Center issue fix.

WatchOS 7.3.1 update features

This update will fixes the problem where Apple Watch SE and Apple Series 5 models do not charge after going into Power Reserve mode. It was observed that Apple has a support document with details on the problem. This update is also expected to fix this but if the watch still won’t charge. Apple has suggested to contact support to set up a  free mail in repair.

Steps to update

Those who are willing to update the watch they need to follow few steps. Here are these:-

  1. You need to keep watch in its charger.
  2. Watch needs to be in the range of your iPhone connected to WiFi.
  3. Now you have to tap General
  4. Now tap software update. There app will look for the update online.
  5. When the app finds the update. There you will see a screen with the release notes.
  6. Under these notes tap download and then install.


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